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Application Lifecycle Intelligence for HP ALM
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Recent change notes

Changes in 3.16
  • [enhancement] add invested task time action
Changes in 3.15
  • [enhancement] support "agmlink" attachments
Changes in 3.14
  • [compatibility] support Intellij 14.1
  • [enhancement] support Development history (DevMotive)
Changes in 3.13
  • [enhancement] spell-check support
  • [enhancement] better dialog placement when multiple displays
  • [enhancement] support global teams (Agile Manager)
Changes in 3.12
  • [enhancement] support workspaces in Agile Manager
Changes in 3.11
  • [enhancement] support acceptance tests in Agile Manager
  • [enhancement] don't override commit message when merging
Changes in 3.10
  • [enhancement] further task board improvements
  • [bugfix] proper commit message when working on user story
Changes in 3.9
  • [enhancement] task board improvements
  • [bugfix] Darcula support
Changes in 3.8
  • [compatibility] support HP ALM 12
  • [compatibility] enable plugin in RubyMine IDE
  • [enhancement] improved code changes detail
  • [bugfix] consider HTTP proxy exception list
  • [bugfix] minor fixes
Changes in 3.7
  • Switching to the public codebase
  • [compatibility] IDEA 13 compatibility fixes
Changes in Rev. 139214
  • [enhancement] improved attachment handling
Changes in Rev. 137338
  • This is a major version upgrade that includes many feature and usability enhancements
  • Beta support for HP Agile Manager
Changes in Rev. 134369
  • [compatibility] IDEA 12.1 compatibility fixes
Changes in Rev. 132161
  • [compatibility] IDEA 12 compatibility fixes
  • [compatibility] IDEA 10.5.x no longer supported
Changes in Rev. 128589
  • [enhancement] improved editing of html fields (<br> now supported)
  • [bugfix] IllegalArgumentException during comments editing
Changes in Rev. 127089
  • [enhancement] new defect status according to IDE Customizer settings
  • [bugfix] unable to link defects/requirements

General usage instructions

HP ALM/ALI Connector for Intellij IDEA provides integration with HP ALM 11, HP ALM 11.5x, HP ALM 12 and HP Agile Manager (beta). Following features are supported:

  • Defect and Requirement management

  • Task integration (view defects & requirements as tasks)

  • Environment provisioning (when ALI extension is enabled in HP ALM)

  • Release backlog and sprint taskboard (with HP Agile Manager)

2014-06-11 21:23:25
batat: dark theme should now be supported. If you still encounter problems, please create Github issue and I'll look into it.
2014-05-16 16:36:51
Have some cosmetical issues with black theme.
2012-12-13 19:56:33
Actually I had no chance to test it out on IDEA 12 yet... Unless serious complications appear I plan to release IDEA 12 support as a Christmas present :-)
2012-12-13 19:41:35
- Don't working on IDEA 12.0 - canoot perform commit, exception is appeared - Cannot select fixed in build (I don't see any build number which I can see in QC)
2012-09-07 16:40:46
Awesome plugin!