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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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IdeaMouseGestures plugin provides easy way to assign Idea's menu items to mouse gestures. Mouse gestures are recognized when the right mouse button is pressed.
Plugin contains open source (LGPL) components and documentation to add mouse gestures recognition and processing for any Swing application (Mouse Gestures library).
The plugin is open source (LGPL). The distribution can be found at http://www.smardec.com/products/idea.html.
We appreciate any feedback (positive or negative). This helps us to improve the software.

Special thanks to Pierre Le Lannic

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Recent change notes

1.10 - Mouse gesture actions are triggered programmatically;
- Minor visual improvements.
1.9 - New editor for mouse gestures action. Now allows to select any action from Idea's main menu;
- Multilanguage support (french translation);
- The movements (L, R, U, D...) can be defined for different languages.
1.8 - Visual mouse trail (color and size);
- Multilanguage support (english and spanish translations);
- Multiproject issues fixed.
1.7 - Added diagonal gestures support.
1.6 - User friendly and intuitive settings: now you can choose menu items from combo box;
- Fixed bug with cancelling settings.
1.5 - Minor fixes/changes.
1.4 - Blocking text cursor movements by right click, the feature can be disabled. (Idea's default behaviour is to move text cursor on right mouse click. This can be undesirable when using mouse gestures or some items from the popup menu.)
1.3 - Mouse gesture's editor can be edited via mouse gestures.
1.2 - Improved mouse gestures recognition algorithm.
1.1 - Added settings panel to Idea's settings.
1.0 - Initial release.
Would love to have this back in 9!
This is a very useful, addictive plugin.
Great on version 8. Doesn't appear to work on version 9
Very useful plugin.
It works on IDEA 8.1 EAP build 9618.
It doesn't work under IDEA 8. Mouse trail is showing, but no action is triggered.
Also, the configuration window doesn't appear in settings.
Where's up to date source code?
Firefox's user will love this plugin. You can trigger any action just simply moving the mouse over the screen.
Very convenient for creating shortcuts to typical file/editor window manipulation tasks. It enables you to be very creative. Handy tool for customizing your environment.
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