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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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This plugin enables you to create and manage named groups of files, or "workspaces", within a project. You can bind a name to a set of one or more files and then open/close that set of files as a group. You can create as many workspaces as you want and arrange them in the Workspaces tool window in any order you like.

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* Migrated to 1050's API [Vince Mallet]
This plugin gets you 2/3 of the way there in my opinion. The missing piece: Being able to expand the workspace within the Workspaces panel and show all the files within it so that you can double-click on a file to pull it up in the editor, similar to the list of files in a Changelist under the Changes panel. That would be nirvana.
This takes me almost half way to what I miss in Mylyn (in eclipse). I work on multiple branches at a time and need to switch context frequently.

Would you share the source for this?
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