API Comparator

Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: Alexey Efimov

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Plugin for viewing API changes in jar files.
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0.4 69.7065 + 29.08.2008 Download
0.3 + 13.05.2007 Download
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Recent change notes

0.4 0.3
  • IDE 6 and Selena Compatible, tested with both 6.0.5, 7.0 M1a and 6951
  • Hide added/removed/changed filter option
  • Progress monitor while comparison and snapshot loading
  • View offline comparison results
  • Bug fixes


  • Export to plain text
  • Saving size of dialogs
  • Improvements in comparison engine (support for ProgressMonitor in next version)
  • Bug fixes


  • DiffTool support
  • Bug fixes in configuration states
  • 0.1

  • Recent files
  • Option to show only changes in tree
  • Option to show/hide class members
  • Show comparison results in one tree
  • Whole changed core of plugin code
  • 0.0.2

  • Rewriten comparison engine
  • Dialog with progress bar while processing
  • GUI improvements
  • All UI form rebuilded with UI designer
  • 0.0.1

  • Refactored Timur's Zambalayev tool for API comparison (many thanks, Timur)
  • Simple GUI for comparator
  • Simple plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
  • General usage instructions

    You may get the sourcecode from


    2012-07-15 06:33:31
    I think this may need updating? I mgeaand to get it to work but not by following the directions. When following the directions at plugin page I get errors that it can not find career-builder-*-.php files. I had to copy a lot of the files from the plugin folder directly to my template folder in order for it to work. The Accordion JS wouldn't work either, kept saying it was undefined even though my page source showed it was pulling in the JS file from the plugin folder. Adding just a search box using the method mentioned also gave an error msg. I mgeaand to get what I needed out of it but wanted to report my findings because this is a very good plugin!
    2008-03-21 14:36:11
    0.3 is not IDEA 7 compatible but you just need to copy the following file in the apiComparator plugin folder (by default ${USER_HOME}\.IntelliJIdea70\config\plugins\apiComparator\lib)
    asm-all-2.2.3.jar : found here
    2006-11-20 18:17:40
    Very nice and useful plugin. It whould be great improvement if compared code may be associated with appropriate sources and navigation to source/view java doc feature was provided.
    2006-04-16 07:49:04
    Good plugin, but version is not usable on Demetra. This is one of the plugins I still use Irida for.