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Type Refactoring

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Adds an menu item to the Refactor menu, which allows you to change the type of a variable without breaking code.

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Every variable I try to change a variable\'s type, I get one of the following:
1. You must select a variable (even when I have a variable selected).
2. No alternatives found.
3. I don\'t know what to do (plus a bit of other message).

It hasn\'t worked once!

Plus, it can\'t do primitives... what good is this?

Arrg! Doesn't refactory primitives.
Since it's not working for all situations, this plug-in gives a false impression of safety (like the other official refactorins). This is why it should be used only with care, hence the plug-in doesn't display any special and relevan warning messages.
Cool plugin. I wish it worked on parameters and fields though.
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