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Sticky Paper!! sound likes everyone know about it. but what about if it is available with in IntelliJ idea !!!. Following features are implemented: 1. you can minimize Sticky paper. 2. you can select a bunch of code and click on "send to sticky" or apply short key to create a new sticky paper. 3. share sticky with in your LAN 4. send email over Sticky. 5. short cut to create/open, hide/minimize or display sticky paper 6. Minimize sticky will be stored inside a bottom tab. 7. Sticky configuration 8. Sticky friend manager 9. Automatic sticky location, background color, size, minimize state, content and title will be stored. 10. Double click on sticky title it will appear with text field and button (Ajax on swing Huh ;)) 11. lot more... Write down your TODO list within sticky paper. etc... Manage your friend/contact list from sticky friend manager. I bet it will help you to be more productive. :D

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Recent change notes

  • Version - 1.0-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Project based sticky paper Usages: apply ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+P - view project based sticky papers 2. File linked sticky paper (it will automatically linked up with open file while it was creating) Usages: apply ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+L - view file linked sticky papers 3. Global Sticky paper 4. Minimize button added on caption bar 5. Collapse and expand button on right top corner 6. Network transmitted sticky can be retransmit to it's sender by pressing "Ctrl+R" 7. Network retransmit status icon on sticky top right corner
  • Version - 1.0-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Sticky preview using "Alt+ctrl+shift+Next" will popup next sticky using "ALT+ctrl+shift+Back" will bring previous sticky using short cut key or menu these task can be performed. it is very helpful to rotate through all stickies. similar example could be found in window "Atl+tab"
I got lots of errors after installing on intellij 7.03. The plug in sounds like one I would love to have but
Hello Hasan...Its just superb :)

Good Luck !!


Samiha Esha :)
Amazing add-in.

- Misho
great!! now u can use sticky with intellij and can send it as an email!
hasan, its awesome. I think t will increase the productivity of developers. kudos.
the idea is excellent..easy to maintain..easy to send stickies to other friends. really it made me more productive!
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