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Allows to install plugin from site right from the browser by using bookmarklet. Just click on bookmark and plugin will be installed!
After installing the plugin, add the bookmarklet Plugin installer by dragging it to browser's Bookmarks/Links toolbar. Now to install new plugin, make sure IDEA is running, navigate to the plugin page on and click the "Plugin installer" bookmark.
You can also install GreaseMonkey script to automatically add the "Install Plugin" link to any plugin page.
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Recent change notes

  • 1.0
    • Scripts hosted now in google code repository.
    • Minor improvements and bugfixes.
  • 0.6
    • Drastically reworked JS facility and its integration with plugin built-in server.
    • Better checking on installed plugin/running IDEA.
    • Only connections from localhost accepted
  • 0.5
    • Initial version

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