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A plugin to run static analysis using PMD in intelliJ.
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1.7.4 133.690 13.11.2015 Download
1.5.0 107.322 04.08.2011 Download
1.4.8 93.13 21.01.2010 Download
1.4.7 75.7941 17.06.2009 Download
1.4.3 50.4267 13.02.2008 Download
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updated for PMD 5.4.

General usage instructions

PMD Plugin integrates PMD ( to intelliJ. It supports all the pre defined rulesets as well as custom rulesets. The user can run pmd on a single or set of files/folders and see the results in intelliJ. To run the predefined rulesets, go to Tools -> PMD -> PreDefined menu. PMD supports custom ruleset file, to configure goto settings -> PMD and add the rule set files that are required.