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Clover is an award-winning Java code coverage analysis tool. Clover instruments source code and then records precisely what is executed when tests are run. The detailed test coverage reports help developers easily identify areas where the testing is weak, enabling them to write better tests faster. Clover fits into a developer's environment, be it Ant, Maven, IDEA, Eclipse or the command line. Quality Assurance and Project Managers can access important quality metrics over time via html and pdf reports. Clover provides test analysis to thousands of companies and open source projects all over the world.

Documentation is available online from

To activate this plugin, you will require a Clover license file, available from the Clover license page on
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idea-4.0.1.v20140901000000. 93.13. . Download 17571.28 2014-09-01 16:08:22 details
idea7-3.1.6.v20120619000000. 72.7200. . Download 13490.24 2012-06-21 11:20:23 details
idea7-2.6.3-v20091123140000. . . Download 11437.29 2009-11-23 19:12:04 details
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Recent change notes:

Atlassian Clover for IDEA version 3.2 adds support for Java 1.8 language constructs. Read more about new features in the Clover Release Notes

Atlassian Clover for IDEA version 3.2.1 brings compatibility with the IntelliJ IDEA 13.

A number of other fixes and small improvements were introduced in bug-fix releases. See the Clover-for-IDEA Changelog for more details.


2012-04-24 12:50:02
The bug with CompilerErrorViewPopupMenu has been already addressed in We expect to have a new 3.1.5 release this week.

In future, please try to raise issues in the CLOV project.
2011-12-15 16:59:14
What is the correct Atlassian BugTracker for the Intellij Clover plugin? Is it CIJ or is it INTPLUG? is linked as current tracker, but I am not able to create a new issue, so I created a Bug ticket as

I have problems with the plugin for IDEA 11: At launch I encounter this exception:

ERROR - nSystem.impl.ActionManagerImpl - action with the ID "CompilerErrorViewPopupMenu" was already registered. Action being registered is null (null); Registered action is ()

See INTPLUG-321 for details.
2010-03-31 14:42:40
@gus4000 - thanks for reporting that.
2010-03-31 13:23:53
Can't update via Settings->Plugins as url is incorrect for v3.0.1. Complains that
is incorrect. Correct url is
2009-05-28 09:09:08
@Anonymous - if you are using the same Clover 2.5.x version of both the IDEA and the Maven plugin, it should be possible. You need to ensure that the initString in the per-project Clover settings points to target/clover/clover.db .
2009-05-14 23:08:42
I can't get the plugin to load my coverage database generated by maven... it would be perfect if the plugin could do that.
2009-01-14 03:03:08
2008-05-30 11:02:45
These problems have all been addressed in the latest versions of the plugin
2007-05-03 16:36:50
Kind of works. Nice UI. Custom filters seem to work sporadically. Frequent NPEs thrown when navigating to the source code from the Clover window.