1495 Telelogic Synergy VCS integration 5 IBM 2 2043 lstahlm 2009-03-04 1.0

Telelogic Synergy

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
2 043
This plugin integrates Telelogic Synergy functionality into IntelliJ IDEA. The 1.0 release has been tested against IDEA 7.0.x and Synergy 6.5. This software is not officially supported by IBM Corporation and is provided without warranty.

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Work this plugin also under Linux? I was not able to make it runing.
I was trying to ‘set a current task’ on ‘My Tasks’ panel. It seems to me, com.telelogic.integration.intellij.ui.tabs.MyTasks class has been written with an assumption that task’s ID is always INTEGER. It is not TRUE for a DCM configuration.

I have found that it does support neither ‘repackage’ nor ‘rename’ refactoring operations.
Is it planned to be fixed?
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