Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Allows user to generate JUnit test-case skeleton.
The output is produced using Velocity template, that could be modified to meet user needs.
If test-case already exists, then the user will be prompted to either overwrite or compare the test-case using diff panels.

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Recent change notes

1.1.7 For bean methods set and get now combined into one method.
Fix the link to the project home page.
This is response to the previous post. I am the author of this plugin and to people like you I would like to say if you get off your lazy ass and do something half decent other then comment on someone else work I would listen until then shut the hell up.

If you do know how to read code you will find that the plugin does exactly as advertised.
IDEA 7 wont start with this plugin.
I installed version 1.1.7 of this. Looked ok at first, then I realised it wasn't generating tests for any of my methods unless they were getters or setters. So not much use - the guidance on the Template suggests you can create tests for all methods, but it simply doesn't work. I took a look at the source code for the plug in and you can see that it doesn't do what it says it will. I find it surprising that someone can go to the lengths of creating a plug in and then get the actual functionality of it wrong! I'm half tempted to take the source code and get it working myself, after all it's not that complex. Why do people insist on wasting everyone's time by putting up plug-ins that are nothing like production ready.
Doesn't work out of the box with idea 6
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