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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Provides some emacs-like commands

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Seems to work for me with
You just have to go to preferences>keymap>plug-ins>Ideamacs
and click \"Add keyboard shortcut\" for each action and then confirm the default shortcut to remove conflicts
does not work in #9815..
I think that Emacs/XEmacs command integration is a great idea.
This provides a small handful of very useful functions, especially the emacs Control-K behavior, which is: kill to end of line, OR, if at the end of the line, join with the next line, PLUS, append to the current kill ring entry especially if you've done multiple kills in a row.

Also yank sets the mark, you can set the mark, exchange point and mark, and there are a few other useful commands like transpose words and lines.

The trick is to remove all the previous bindings for ^K, ^W, etc. You will not get the new hebavior until you redo the built-in keymap settings that come with this plugin. Once you do that it will identify all the other places where that key is currently used and offer to delete them.

kill to end of line OR kill line
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