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Vendor: Olivier Descout

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Adds a new action 'SerialVersionUID' in the generate menu (alt + ins). The action adds an serialVersionUID field in the current class or updates it if it already exists, and assigns it the same value the standard 'serialver' JDK tool would return. The action is only visible when IDEA is not rebuilding its indexes, the class is serializable and either no serialVersionUID field exists or its value is different from the one the 'serialver' tool would return.
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3.0.3 123 06.06.2015 Download
3.0.2 93.13 15.08.2014 Download
3.0.0 85.9600 29.04.2010 Download
2.0.13 40.3075 04.01.2006 Download
2.0.11 40.2000 04.01.2006 Download
1.1-b83 29.07.2004 Download
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Prevented IndexNotReadyException when IDE indexes are being rebuilt