Jira Browser

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Vendor: Mark Derricutt

The Jira Issue Browser plugin integrates the Atlassian Jira ( ) issue tracking system into the IntelliJ IDEA development environment. The plugin provides quick access to assigned and outstanding issues and the ability to annotate classes/methods worked on whilst developing against an issue. The plugin also provides the ability to create, comment, and resolve issues direct fromm the IntelliJ environment.
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0.3.3 72.7312 09.02.2008 Download
0.3.1 72.7312 06.02.2008 Download
0.2.0 55.5784 30.01.2007 Download 40.3311 03.05.2005 Download
0.1.6 40.3095 22.02.2005 Download 40.1182 11.07.2004 Download 30.06.2004 Download
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