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SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition)

Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: Visual Paradigm International Ltd.



The latest release from Visual Paradigm, the Smart Development Environment (SDE) 3.0 for IntelliJ IDEA, is now available and well-tested in platforms including Linux, Windows and Java Desktop. SDE 3.0 for IntelliJ is a plug-in of IntelliJ IDEA for model-driven development with Unified Model Language (UML). Visual Paradigm embeds itself to IntelliJ IDEA to provide a unified modeling and development environment, dramatically increase the speed of requirement capturing, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment for software architects, analyst, designer and developers using IntelliJ IDEA. Here are the main features:
  • Use Case Details Editor
  • Enhanced XMI Import/Export to support UML 2.0
  • Enhanced Smart Resources
  • EJB Code Generation and Deployment
  • EJB Diagram Support
  • Advanced ORM Features
  • Customizable SQL
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2015-01-28 09:30:52
how to use?
2012-09-24 18:16:09
Ditto. I have the licensed product as well as the IDEA plugin. Now how do I invoke the IDEA VP plugin? (09/24/2012)
2012-01-09 19:34:28
It supports full software development lifecycle - analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.
2011-02-25 00:38:44
How do you launch this thing?

I've installed the plug-in but couldn't find any gesture in IDEA that is related to it. No menu, buttons, right click menu, nothing at all. It is as if the plugin is not there. Except the IDEA plugin configuration screen says that it is installed.

Can't use it at all.