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Open JAR packaged JavaDoc documentation in Firefox. Especially useful for Maven users. You will need to set Firefox as your external browser. If the JavaDoc target is not a JAR file, this will behave similarly to the native "Open In Browser".

In order for this to work in OS X you must create an executable script and have Idea use this instead of the default browser. This is the contents of mine:

#!/bin/sh osascript -e "tell application \"Firefox\"" -e "activate" -e "OpenURL \"$1\"" -e "end tell"

Shortcut: SHIFT+ALT+F1

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Recent change notes

Idea 8.0 compatibility update
Installed in IDEA 15. Doesn't appear to have added anything. No new options for .jar files in the Project window.
Oh, I see the problem (I think). You're using the build-in documentation lookup. This will not work.

Use shift+alt-f1 instead of shift+f1 or use the menu (View->External Jar JavaDoc)
To the anonymous with the cxf problem: I could not reproduce it. It works here on a windows xp pro with Intellij Idea 8.1 and firefox 3.5
For some reason I can not make it work despite the fact I set "Default Web Browser" to "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" in IDEA.

I always get the error message:

Cannot show "jar://Z:/Documents and Settings/tzhrija1/.m2/repository/org/apache/cxf/cxf-api/2.2/cxf-api-2.2-javadoc.jar!/org/apache/cxf/interceptor/Fault.html" in external browser

Any idea?
Never mind - it works for me now. When the instructions say "you must use Firefox", it means you need to set it inside IntelliJ, not at the system level.
Didn't work for me on 7.0.3 either; I get "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" in a popup alert that has "jar:file:/C:/Documents and Settings/user/.m2/repository/.../javadoc.jar!com/.../whatever.html" in the titlebar.
Don't know why, but it doesn't work for me. When I try to open JavaDoc by pressing SHIFT+ALT+F1, I get error message:

The parameter is incorrect.

I'm using latest Intellij v8.0.1
I was very frustrating that IntelliJ would download the javadoc and would correctly configure the javadoc in the project settings, but would not launch the javadoc in an external browser. This fixed the problem for me. Thanks.
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