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Eclipse Workspace Importer

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Imports an entire Eclipse workspace in the current IDEA project.

The import is performed by reading the config files found in the root directories of the eclipse projects defined in the provided workspace (a directory containing a .metadata subdirectory). Both regular Eclipse projects and OSGi bundle plugins are taken into account.

The plugin will create an IDEA module for each project found in the workspace. It imports:

  • Source paths
  • Output paths, if specified (while Eclipse supports an output path per source path, IDEA has only 2 output paths, for src and test)
  • Excluded paths
  • Library configurations (including usages of OSGi bundles from Eclipse's installation directory and aditionally provided locations)
  • Project dependencies, converted to module dependencies

Eclipse projects with WSAD web nature or WTP config files will be acknowledged as web modules. IDEA web modules will be created for them, but the web specific configuration will not be imported. An attempt to identify MyEclipse web projects is done by checking the existence of the WebRoot subdirectory in the eclipse project dir.

After the first import, incremental updates can be performed. Colour coding is used to indicate the new (green), changed (blue) or non-eclipse (brown) modules.

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Recent change notes

New in this build
  • Enhancements for WTP projects import
  • Attempt to recognize myEclipse web projects by the existence of a WebRoot dir in the eclipse project
  • Add a webRoot entry for the found web content directory
  • Added until-build number to not offer the plugin for IDEA 7.x builds (Selena comes with its own Eclipse import mechanism)
  • Minor fixes
Very sweet and welcome, because the bundled eclipse plugin doesn't work in my WSAD 5.1. Saves my lots of WSAD pain hours :).
This plugin is just totally awesome! It works fantastic and allows me to use IDEA even though the dev team uses Eclipse as the main IDE! THANK YOU!
Is there any open source plan in near future?
I found there are several errors when import config file from eclipse 3.2
This is awful
I have my eclipse workspace in one location and then all my projects in another location.

It does not seem to pick them up.
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