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Imagine you work with property files every day. The files are updated on different branches copied up to the trunk and merged down to new branches, sometimes even updated externally. I got a couple of times into not so funny merge conflicts since people did not sort the property files in the same way. To get around that I used an external tool to sort the files just before committing them.

This plugin sorts the property files inside IDEA.

Simply open a properties file and choose Code - Sort Properties. It detects if this is a real properties file (e.g. all lines do have a # at the start or do follow the pattern key=value) and sorts them. If things go boom you always can undo ;-).

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Version 0.3
  • Comments above properties will now be preserved and not deleted.
Version 0.2
  • Initial Release.


2012-04-21 18:30:11
The plugin seems NOT to accept properties spanning more than one line where line break is marked by a backslash. This is valid Java property file syntax, but plugin complains about "lines containing non property styled text"