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Quick Notes is a plugin written for IntelliJ IDEA. This plugin adds the ability to manage multiple text notes within the IDEA itself. These could be some tips, notes, code snippets, etc that usually comes to mind while coding and Quick Notes provides an ideal way to save those thoughts quickly and easily.

Quick Notes is compatible with multiple opened IDEA instances, so any change made to any note in one instance of IDEA gets reflected in the other IDEA instances without any delay.

Quick Notes plugin provides many features aimed towards easy maintenance and quick access to the Notes. Here are some of the major features of this plugin

  • Add and Manage multiple notes
  • Rename an existing note
  • Delete an existing note
  • Manage notes across multiple IDEA instances
  • Any change in one IDEA instance gets reflected across other IDEA instances
  • Notes are saved in user's home folder "userhome.ideaquicknotes"
  • Show or hide line numbers
  • The toolbar can be placed at top or bottom location
  • Ability to change Font of notes
  • Ability to search notes
  • Ability to save notes to a file

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