Extended Syntax Highlighting for IDEA7

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
Provides extended syntax highlighting based on user-definable configuration files. Use 'Init SimpleSyntax' from Tools menu to install syntax highlighting. Clone files in your IDEA 'config/options/SimpleSyntax' folder to enable highlighting for other languages. Use 'Reload SimpleSyntax' from Tools menu to reload configuration changes. /// See http://idea-simsyn.tigris.org for more information. /// Credits: Includes the wonderful Groovy, JRuby, JFlex and JParsec systems. Also included are a few files from the pythonid Python plugin as an example.

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Recent change notes

[ V0.21 ] Deactivated Ruby highlighting to avoid clash with JetBrain's Ruby plugin. [ V0.20 ] Fixed for IDEA version 7. Removed dynamic ColorSettingsPage because it breaks IDEA. [ V0.19 ] Added support for dynamic JFlex-based syntax definitions. Added Python example configuration [ V0.18 ] Switched to Groovy and JRuby lexer configuration using JParsec. [ V0.17 ] Fully fixed for IDEA 6.0. Now highlighting of files works properly again. [ V0.16 ] Fixed for IDEA 6.0. No more crashing IDEA 6.0 and later. [ V0.15 ] Fixed more minor issues in Ruby highlighting. [ V0.14 ] Fixed quirk in ColorSettingsPage when defining several rules for a syntax token. [ V0.13 ] Fixed duplicate file type issue. (Occurred when using 'Reload SimpleSyntax'.) [ V0.12 ] Speeded up example Ruby configuration by removing all 'ruby' and adding 'regex' tokens. Improved 'regex' performance. [ V0.11 ] Cleaned up resource/file access codebase. Moved configuration to 'config/options/SimpleSyntax' subfolder. [ V0.10 ] Fixed groovy rule implementation. Fixed DOC_COMMENT issue. [ V0.9 ] Improved Ruby example configuration. Fixed locked config file issue. [ V0.8 ] Implemented global registry collision work around when using more than one configuration. [ V0.7 ] Fixed minor (doc) issues after first (offical) plugin release. Fixed reloading of token colors/attributes. [ V0.6 ] Added 'groovy' syntax rule. [ V0.5 ] Added reload action. [ V0.4 ] Added init action. [ V0.3 ] Added 'ruby' syntax rule. [ V0.2 ] Implemented syntax configuration loading. [ V0.1 ] Initial release with hardcoded Ruby syntax.
The old version "Simple Syntax Highlighting" worked great for me, but is new version "Extended Syntax Highlighting for IDEA7" seems to have an error. After installing the plugin, running Tools | Init SimpleSyntax gives me an error.
I'm very excited that you'll update this plugin for IntelliJ 9!! :-)
I resubmitted the old SimpleSyntax plugin because I got asked about a version for IDEA 6. So I had to fork the old project. This is the latest working version for IDEA 7. I will submit the older IDEA 6 version next.

If all goes well, I will reincarnate this plugin for IDEA 8 and 9.
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