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Hello. Very good plugin. I like it. Can you please add feature a long break? Now I can see only short break, not long.
Thanks. I agree it would be nice, although I personally track tasks in a more "low-tech" way in a text file or piece of paper.
Nice and simple, but I would love an option to write a comment before starting new pomodoro so after I finish day's work, I could log time spent on the projects (tasks).
I forked it to my repository. I added a feature about IM softwares like Adium and Messages.app in OSX. When you start pomodoro session, it changes IM status and status message according to settings. Thus, you can show to people via status message how many minutes to complete pomodoro session you have. Thanks... https://github.com/baybatu/pomodoro-tm
Edit: Already fixed?! Test successful. Thanks much!

Love the concept, appreciate the effort and plan to start in on it tomorrow. A couple unfortunate snags in the settings menu:

- dropdowns for Pomodoro time and cycle number aren't modifiable.

- slider bar and check boxes have no label text to indicate what they do.

Using PhpStorm 4.0.3 Build #PS-117.746 on Windows 7 SP1
good idea! i love it and use it!
great idea man, but it would be super sweet if it integrated with a google calender!
Hi, thank you for using our timer.
Unfortunately, we failed to write ui for settings =( But you can change some plugin options with configuration file (yeah, unix style).

Here is sample config from our code base. Just follow instructions below.

How I can configure work timer? E.g. I need one pomodoro about 40 minutes.
Love the technique, love the plugin.

P.S. - one pomodoro, two pomidoro :-)
Love it ! I like the pomodoto technique and love this one. Would be good to have some config [defining task list that you want to achieve] and maybe just display the time elapsed/remaining directly in intellij toolbar without the need to use another panel [don't know if this is allowed by intellij plugin api].

Cool.. love it again !
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