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PList File Support

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Vendor: Nick Cross

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Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking for PList files
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Recent change notes:

Fixed issue where key and values would not allow \"key paths\" or numeric values, unless quoted.


2011-02-11 00:04:35
1. Would be nice if it honored tab width settings.

2. The last element of an array should be allowed to have a comma after it, e.g. ("a","b",) .
2011-02-11 00:00:15
Great work, thanks.

Is there any way to customize the colors of the syntax highlighting?
2010-06-18 13:30:48
This plugin provides some basic support for plist file format that predates the new xml format.

It provides the following
- Syntax Highlighting
- Error detection
- Basic Formatting
- Brace & Parentheses Matching

Known Issues
Be aware that if you use the xml format and install this plugin the xml version will display as having errors. I don't currently have any plans to fix this. But if you would like to do so feel free!

Some unquoted values will currently display as errors, I intend to get this sorted out in the next release.