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UDDI Client for OpenUDDI Server

This Plugin includes some tools to work with OpenUDDI Server (

Its main purpose is to implement OASIS spec "Mapping Two Data Models: WSDL & UDDI" for mapping between Web Services and UDDI Registry entries:


While The Plugin includes a simple UDDI Browser it is not its main purpose. Use Open Source Novell UDDI Browser if you need fully fledged UDDI Browser and Editor.

After plugin is installed UDDI submenu is added to Tools menu.

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Recent change notes:

Fixed \"Test Connection\" action in configuration menu. Before the fix it reported failure even for valid connections.

General usage instructions:

After plugin is installed UDDI submenu is added to Tools menu. From it one can open UDDI browser or publish/delete business entities and services.


2010-11-30 00:15:56
You mention the Novell UDDI Browser. Where can I obtain that software?