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Library Finder helps to find library files (.jar/.zip) for any class/file name pattern. It's a utility tool for managing library dependencies and it's a troubleshooting tool for ClassNotFoundException or NoClassDefFoundError. It can also help setting up IntelliJ project/workspace by identifying libraries used by java files.
  • Add library files to IntelliJ classpath(module/project/global) from search results
  • Support wildcard (*,?) file name patterns and regular expressions, hence, allowing to search for any file/resource types (.properties,.dtd,.tld,.xml, etc.)
  • Intention actions to resolve single or multiple unresolved imports
  • Open up file explorer in all IntelliJ supported platforms (Windows, Linux & Mac OS) navigating to the containing folder
  • Command line support, for example: java -jar "LibraryFinder.jar" /home/siddique org.apache.*

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Recent change notes

    Version 1.5 changes:
  • Updated for v12
It doesn't work for IntelliJ v12
Don't work with IntelliJ Idea 11! :-(
Simple and awesome plugin! Thanks for this.
Very usefull...
This rated to high.
Works like a champ. Very handy...
Hey Dev,

You can do that using Library Finder. First you gotto create a project/module/global library (as a placeholder). And then, using Library Finder search for all the libraries which contains class files under the folder you want to search for

Class/File Name pattern: */*.class
Directory: C:\FolderToBeSearchedForLibrary

After you have the results displayed, you can multi-select the results and perform "Add to Global Library" or "Add to Module Library" action.

Let me know if this works.
Hi, Isnt there any plugin that allows me to search all jars under a folder tree and create a prject/module wide libary out of the results. Its a big pain to move to each jar select it and build your module library manually.

I normally edit the iml files but some cool tool to do this would be appreciated. If any one knows one kindly point me in appropriate direction.

DBHelper conflict issue has been resolved in version 1.2.3.

Let me know if there are any other issues
FYI: I have found conflict with Library Finder and DBHelper

Seems like its a high level IntelliJ plugin architectural issue and its reported to Jetbrains
Could you please provide more information either in this forum (

or in the bugtracker (

This issue could not be replicated in any platforms and IntelliJ versions.
Would be helpful if it provided basic functionality like being able to cancel/close the window without killing IDEA altogether. At this point - useless.
I need some volunteers to test the latest update (version 1.2) of this plugin.

Please see the posting
I have the same result as the other anonymous(es) - it displays the search box, but "cancel", the "X", and the title bar menu/close don't close the window. I thought perhaps searching would close it, but it doesn't do anything. This is IDEA 6.0.5 (build 6180) on Windows XP Pro SP2. Running "java -version" in IDEA's jre/bin folder reports back Java build 1.5.0_11-b03.

Hope this helps you debug this issue - I really could use this plugin.
Could you give more details ?
Like, which OS & version of IntelliJ you use and stacktrace from idea.log ?

I have tested this on IntelliJ version 6.0.2 & 6.0.5 on XP, Linux & Mac and it works perfectly fine.

And also, you can log this issue in

Let me know if I can help you on this
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