MXML Design Preview

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Provides instant preview of MXML components (Flex or Flash). Properties and style inspector.

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Last month, Alex advised me: "Unfortunately the plugin is not actively maintained. Huge resources are required to make it working well, but the amount of its potential users is not that huge. Minor plugin updates will most likely happen, but you shouldn't expect much from them." However, the reason why potential users is not huge is because your plugin lacks so much compared to other solutions. Can't believe you've given up so soon; this could have been the ultimate Flash Builder killer. FB wins this round!
Updated version will be published soon
Unfortunately it barfs-up errors even on the generated 'Hello Cruel Programming World' example. Maybe we can get the source and try to figure it out as a community. MXML tools are somewhat lacking except for FB46. Shame really.
Not working at all with default generated single-button application (Apache Flex 4.14).
I added an issue for my previous comment:
It simply "does not work". IntelliJ IDEA MXML Design Preview 1.4.138 Tried Flex versions: Apache Flex 4.12.0 through 4.13.0 Adobe Flex 4.6 With: xmlns:s="library:// Screenshot: If you don't wanna look at the screenshot: Basically when you open the MXML Preview tool, it says "Cannot Render", and a huge red error box comes up stating that it cannot find tons of CSS / classes for "spark". With: xmlns:s="library:// Screenshot: If you don't wanna look at the screenshot: Figuring that the MXML Preview plugin didn't want to work with "spark", I reverted back to "mx". You now, for giggles. At least something renders, but no matter what, it's the same plain white box in the middle. You're also finally able to right-click inside your *.mxml files, and select "Open MXML Design Preview". It will open an AIR application, which I'm guessing is supposed to have some visual representation of what you've got, but nothing's in there, and you can't interact with it in any way. Perhaps this used to work in IDEA 13.X, or something, but it's surely broken in 14.X. Utterly.
How do you use this plugin. I don't see any option anywhere?
20.03.2014 assigning didn't work..went to alexanderd, sorry
@Znipa Could you please file issue (assign to develar/Vladimir Krivosheev) and attach idea log (Help -> Show Log in)?
I have a fresh install of build 135.475 and just created the sample app. The preview works but it's almost completely black, like a black overlay. The button is very hard to notice...any idea ?
Hi Vladimir Krivosheev! It's great news to find out that the MXML Design Preview plugin has been updated! But the new version of the plug-in requires IntelliJ IDEA 13 build 134.818. When will be released a new build of IntelliJ IDEA 13? Thank you!
Same as @macropp, i got the error : "Open MXML Design Preview: Internal error while collecting local style holders"
It says "Open Design View: Internal error while sorting libraries" When I try to open the design view on an MXML file. Please fix this.
Internal error while sorting libraries Flex SDK 4.6 D:/!Source/SrcClient/libs/flash.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/libs/PureMVC.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/libs/greensock.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/libs/as3corelib.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/libs/bulkloader.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/libs/ason-fast-1.1.2.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/libs/MonsterDebugger.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/swfui/bin/EmbedUI.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/swfui/bin/PreLoader.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/swfui/bin/PnlLoading.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/swfui/bin/RightTopMap.swc!/ D:/!Source/SrcClient/swfui/bin/PreLoaderFla.swc!/ com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.InitException: Internal error while sorting libraries at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.LibraryManager.sortLibraries( at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.LibraryManager.registerModule( at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.LibraryManager.registerModule( at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.DesignerApplicationLauncher$ at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.DesignerApplicationLauncher$ at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl$ at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun( at at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl$1$ Caused by: java.lang.AssertionError at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.AbcMerger.storeExportAsset( at at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.AbcMerger.processSymbolClass( at at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.AbcMerger.process( at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.AbcMerger.process( at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.LibrarySorter.sort( at com.intellij.flex.uiDesigner.libraries.LibraryManager.sortLibraries( ... 11 more
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