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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Generates a builder in an static inner class

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Recent change notes

Fixed full class names appearing, should use presentable class names now. May require manual changing in exceptional circumstances.

General usage instructions

Alt+Insert to insert a static inner class builder.
Works well, but I have some suggestions:

I want the builder to be outside the class (and in another package), thus I want to it to use setters (ie. instead of "obj.id = id" I want "obj.setId(id)". It would also be good if it asked where to save the builder (but it's okay to generate as an inner class since it is very easy to move it anyway).

Another thing that I do is adding default values in the constructor. Is it possible to auto-generate that code as well? (ie. "obj.setId(1)")


Ps, where is the code? If you want I can help you with the above
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