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Lombok Plugin

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IntelliJ Lombok plugin
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A plugin that adds first-class support for Project Lombok


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Recent change notes

  • 0.13
    1. Fixed #226: @Setter(AccessLevel.NONE) triggers error and not just warning on final fields
    2. Fixed #254: Properties from lombok.config does not involve on suggestion list
    3. Fixed #259: Support JBoss Logging (new in Lombok 1.16.10)
    4. Fixed #262: When lombok.accessors.chain=true setters show void return value
    5. Fixed #268: Lombok Dependency is possible outdated' message even when 'Enable lombok version warning' is unchecked.
  • 0.12
    1. Added support for transparent changing of visibility of existing fields and variables for IntelliJ 2016.2
    2. Fixed #56: Missing auto-generated modifiers on fields and class shown in the "Structure" window when using `@Value`
    3. Fixed #137: Private visibility added by @Value not respected by IDE.
    4. Fixed #143: Support UtilityClass
    5. Fixed #147: @FieldDefaults(makeFinal = true) and bitwise operators produce an error message
    6. Fixed #158: val causes intellij to show an invalid error when used alongside an anonymous class
    7. Fixed #202: @Builder supports setter for final field (@Value)
    8. Fixed #230: @Value / @EqualsAndHashCode callSuper false warning: lombok.config ignored
  • 0.11
    1. Fixed #153: Configuration keys
    2. Fixed #125: Support for lombok.getter.noIsPrefix
    3. Fixed #128: Support @Slf4j with custom logger name
  • 0.10
    1. Overall significant performance optimizations
    2. Fixed #88: Delegating to class with generics using @Delegate annotation
    3. Fixed #136: "Cannot infer arguments" with @RequiredArgsConstructor
    4. Fixed #157: Intellij fails to infer type for constructor defined with @RequiredArgsConstructor
    5. Fixed #176: Unchecked warning when using static constructor for @Data and @Value on parametrized class
    6. Fixed #180: Low performance of @Builder analysis
    7. Fixed #184: Linter suggests to add @EqualsAndHashCode to declare callSuper, but already overriden
    8. Fixed #105: val sometimes fails to be parsed correctly
    9. Fixed #142: IDE highlights val as an error if it had reparsed code before the line was completed
    10. Fixed #168: val does not work with generic method calls as the initializer expression
    11. Fixed #180: Low performance of @Builder analysis
    12. Fixed #183: val can not work when method has Generic return
  • 0.9.8
    1. Fixed #151: Builder issues with Accessors
    2. Fixed #153: IntelliJ produces warning when specifying generic type on val declaration
    3. Fixed #156: Exception in @Singular handling
    4. Fixed #165: Can't correctly resolve multiple @Builder methods in same class having partial implementations
    5. Fixed #172: "Lombok needs a default constructor in the base class" error in enum
    6. Fixed #175: Added support for @Tolerate for @Getter and @Setter
    7. Fixed #177: Null pointer in intellij version 15.0.3
  • 0.9.7
    1. Added caching of produced PsiElements to reduce probability of recursive invocation #112,#123, #126, #129
    2. Fixed #130: @XArgsConstructor don't show error when used on a subclass that requires non-empty super call
    3. Fixed #132: Make @EqualsAndHashCode(callSuper = true) default
    4. Fixed #135: Added support for @NoArgsConstructor(force = true)
    5. Fixed #149: Idea cannot generate another constructor when @NoArgsConstructor is used
  • 0.9.6
    1. Fixed #47: Feature request: support onX annotations via @__
    2. Fixed #77: Support new @Singular annotation for @Builder collection fields
    3. Fixed #123: SpinAllocator has exhausted! Too many threads or you're going to get StackOverflow
  • 0.9.5
    1. Fixed #48: Importing @Builder generated builder classes does not work
    2. Added #77: Basic Support for new @Singular annotation for @Builder collection fields
    3. Fixed #111: @Builder on constructors/methods is not recognized in Android Studio
    4. Fixed #116: @Builder - Builder class can't be found without a static import
    5. Added Hrisey @Parcelable support patch
    6. Dropped outdated support for some lombok_pg annotations
  • 0.9.4
    1. Fixed regression #108: Getter/Setter wrong after last Update
    2. Fixed #100, #72: AssertionError: Stub and PSI element type mismatch
  • 0.9.3
    1. Fixed #95: Fluent Setter Override Error
    2. Fixed #96: @Value and @Wither not playing well together
    3. Fixed #97: Two constructors being shown when using @Builder and @AllArgsConstructor together
    4. Fixed #98: Plugin crash: IndexNotReadyException val processing
    5. Fixed #101: @SneakyThrows causes incorrect errors in IntelliJ 14
  • 0.9.2
    1. Added #9: Basic val support in IntelliJ 14.1
    2. Fixed #81: @Builder: buildMethod should have same throws-list as annotated static method
    3. Fixed #82: Abstract Class + @Delegate
    4. Fixed #83: Getting inconvertible types error assigning new builder instance
    5. Fixed #84: Properly find usages of @Getters & @Setters on fields with @Acccessor prefixes
    6. Fixed #90: Renaming a field with different case doesn't rename getter
    7. Fixed #92: Improved @Wither support
    8. Fixed #93: IntelliJ unable to resolve constructor when using @Builder and @Value together
  • 0.9.1
    1. Fixed #33: Builder annotation with partial implementation shows errors
    2. Fixed #78: Support for constructors of @Value objects with assigned final fields
    3. Fixed #79: Support for multiple @Builder in same java class
    4. Fixed #80: Some issues with "delomboked" @Builder on static method
  • 0.9.0
    1. Added Delombok Feature for @Builder
    2. Issue #53: Basic Support for Lombok configuration keys
    3. Fixed #57: Incorrect constructors appear in "Structure" when `@Value` and `@Builder`
    4. Fixed #70: Conflict resolution failed on renaming field together with its accessors in IntelliJ 14
    5. Issue #74: Fixed (only IntelliJ 14+) Sneaky Throws Not Correctly Detected for Anonymous Inner Class
    6. Issue #75: Added support for @lombok.Builder (lombok version 1.16)
  • 0.8.9
    1. Fixed #67: Updates and Improvements for IntelliJ 14, fixed incompatibility
  • 0.8.8
    1. Fixed #52 : Invalid stub element type in index
    2. Fixed #54 : @Wither copies @Nullable annotation to generated method
    3. Fixed #62 : Intellij shows error on Lazy Getter
    4. Fixed #63 : Added support for @Tolerate (together with @Value, @Data)
    5. Fixed issue 109(on GoogleCode): Intellij freezes regularly when the lombok plugin is enabled
    6. Fixed issue 106(on GoogleCode): Static methods annotated with @Builder are not recognized
    7. Updated to lombok changes: canEqual (of @EqualsAndHashCode fame) should be protected instead of public.
    8. Basic autocompletion and highlighting for lombok.config files
  • 0.8.7
    1. Fixed issue 104(on GoogleCode): Intellij reports unused field with @Getter and @Setter
    2. Fixed #50 : @SneakyThrows does not work for try-with-resource statements
    3. Fixed #51 : Delegate annotation moved to experimental
    4. Fixed #58 : NoSuchMethodError in IntelliJ 14 EAP
  • 0.8.6
    1. Added basic refactoring actions for Lombok @Data, @ToString and @EqualsAndHashcode methods
    2. Fixed #46 : @SneakyThrows does not work on methods which throws multiple exceptions
  • 0.8.5
    1. Fixed #44 : @SneakyThrows doesn't hide exception on Intellij13
  • 0.8.4
    1. Fixed #20 : Inspection of lombok annotations say I can't use @Builder on constructor
    2. Fixed issue 92(on Googlecode) : Plugin flags @Builder annotations when they are placed on contructors
    3. Fixed #41 : Error with @Builder
    4. Fixed #42 : Added Extension to populate Structure view
    5. Fixed issue 13(on GoogleCode): @SneakyThrows does not hide Unhandled Exception Error
  • 0.8.3
    1. Fixed #17: Cyclic parent child relation
    2. Fixed #34: Lombok plugin crashes
    3. Fixed #36: Possible class cast exception
    4. Fixed #37: Delombok of files included as library failes
  • 0.8.2
    1. Added support for "topic" annotation value of all @Log annotations (Lombok >= 1.12.6)
    2. Added validation of static fields/methods of @Delegate annotation (@Delegate is legal only on instance fields or no-argument instance methods)
    3. Fixed #19: Slf4j in static context
    4. Fixed #29: Renaming a class with the @Log* annotation adds extra qualification to calls
    5. Fixed #31: Prevent errors with invalid identifiers for builderClassName in @Builder annotation
    6. Fixed #32: Refactor -> Extract -> Parameter Object || Change Signature broken
    7. Fixed (on GoogleCode) #83: @Slf4j does not work when added for first time
    8. Fixed (on GoogleCode) #100: Refactor Change Signature || Extract - Parameter Object
  • 0.8.1
    1. Issue (on Git) #23: Fixed @Delegate inspection reports error
    2. Issue (on Git) #27: Fixed @Delegate on a type parameter doesn't fail
    3. Issue #60: Fixed @Delegate on methods is not supported now
    4. Issue #98: Fixed Lombok Experimental Accessor Prefix does not handle non-alphanumeric prefixes
  • 0.8.0
    1. Added refactoring action for Lombok @Log and friends, @Getter and @Setter methods
    2. Added refactoring actions to Delombok @Data, @Value, @Wither, @Constructors, @Getter, @Setter, @EqualsAndHashCode, @ToString and @Log annotations
    3. Fixed problem with renaming fields in class containing lombok @Getter and @Setter
    4. Issue #94: Fixed Intellij does not correctly create the constructor with @RequiredAllConstructor for classes with @Value
  • 0.7.3
    1. Fix IllegalArgumentException when trying to expand method names on IntelliJ 11
  • 0.7.2
    1. Fix multiple stackoverflow exceptions
  • 0.7.1
    1. Some performance optimizations
  • 0.7
    1. Added partial support for @Value lombok annotations
    2. Added support for @Accessors lombok experimental annotation
    3. Added support for @Wither lombok experimental annotation
    4. Added support for @Builder lombok experimental annotations
  • 0.6.5
    1. Issue #20 Fixed Using @Delegate together with generic methods produced red underlining in the editor window
    2. Issue #29 Fixed @Delegate leads to exception in LombokLightParameter
    3. Issue #37 and #59 Fixed @EqualsAndHashCode inspection for callSuper parameter
    4. Issue #54 Valid code produces inspections errors - anonymous instance, partial implementation
  • 0.6.4
    1. Issue #49 Deprecated fields should generate deprecated methods
  • 0.6.3
    1. Issue #41 Added support for XSlf4j and Log4j2 logger
    2. Issue #44 Fixed Getter- and Setter- method generation, when method is already there with a parameter(s)
    3. Issue #56 Removed obsolete plugin dependencies (they have been merged into intellij core)
  • 0.6.2
    1. Issue #50 Compiled with java 1.7 -> Don't work under java 1.6 vms
  • 0.6
    1. Issue #23 Updated to run with IntelliJ 12
    2. Issue #42 IllegalArgumentException with Intellij 12
    3. Issue #48 IllegalArgumentException with Intellij 12
    4. Issue #38 Added ability to enable/disable lombok-intellij-plugin per project-configuration and reduced logging-level of plugin
  • 0.5
    1. Issue #23 Initial support for IntelliJ 12
    2. Issue #12 Added support for "Singleton" and "EnumId" annotations from lombok-pg
    3. Fixed Issue #27 "@EqualsAndHashCode on final classes: Should not have a canEquals in that case."
    4. Fixed Issue #28 "Getters and setters should be generated even if the method exists with different parameter count"
  • 0.4
    1. fix reflection access for intellij ultimate
  • 0.3
    1. Fixed issue #4 "Getter/Setter on generic types"
    2. Fixed issue #6 "The Plugin panel in IDEA lists the plugin as "Lombook Plugin (doubled letter 'o')"
    3. Fixed issue #7 "Added support for IntelliJ 11"
    4. Fixed issue #9 "@Data(staticConstructor="of") is not created"
    5. Fixed issue #10 "Empty constructor is created even if it already exists"
    6. Fixed issue #15 "@Data with @NoArgsConstructor does not generate default constructor"
    7. Fixed issue #17 "Incompatibility with javax.annotation.Nonnull/Nullable"
    8. Added more inspections and QuickFixes for some of lombok annotations.
    9. Fixed: skip constructor generation for @Data if some constructor is already defined in the class
    10. Fixed: skip getter generation for invalid lazy-getters
    11. Added support for "LazyGetter" and "FluentSetter" annotations from lombok-pg
  • 0.2
    1. Added inspections for lombok annotations.
    2. Added some simple QuickFixes for lombok inspections.
    3. Fixed bug with not working auto-completion in the same source file with lombok annotations that generate methods.
    4. Better support of lombok annotations, especially for 'staticName','types' and 'excludes' properties of @Delegate and @XXXConstructor
    5. General bug fixing and many improvements
  • 0.1
    1. Initial Release for IDEA >= 10.0

General usage instructions

Install and start using amazing lombok features!
There is a problem with the 2016.03 version.
The plugin is great but, in the newest version (0.9.1) and Intellij 14.0.3 I still have problems with @Builder annotation. I've posted question about it on stackoverflow : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29165157/intellij-14-lombok-plugin-builder-error
It seems a recent version of this plugin has broken SneakyThrows? IntelliJ is showing me errors when I try to catch checked exceptions that I have NOT hidden with @SneakyThrows. I do have a @SneakyThrows declaration on the method whose code has the catch in it, and if I remove it, then IntelliJ is happy. But that's wrong. The compiler is fine with the catch.
Please add support for Android Studio 1.0
For intellij 14 You must just recompile with idea 14, and it's OK.
Works fine! Very good plugin! Please add IDEA 14 support!
Very good indeed. I only miss the lombok's val taht never worked. It reduces so much boiler plate. Any chance it comes with Intellij 14?
This "@AllArgsConstructor(onConstructor = @__(@Autowired))" doesn't work!
I have been using your plugin since IDEA 11 and am now using with IDEA 13. There seems to be an issue with code inspections not working reliably, either due to the plugin itself or IDEA. The inspections report that fields are unused when they are not. I have also had issues with @AllArgsConstructor not being recognized and the inspection complaining about constructor arguments relative to the no-args constructor only.
Works awesomely, all things that I've tried in lombok work except for @SneakyThrows. Nice!
... one addition: in order to make it work with intellij 13 I had to remove the upper restricting bound in the plugin.xml. Looks now like this:
The latest lombok-plugin 0.7.3 didn't work for me with the latest intellij 12.1.6 (it did n't work with 13 EAP as well). After a check-out of the github project and a rebuild against my idea platform (12.1.6 or IU129.1359) I could produce a lombok-plugin.jar that works with the latest version of intellij 12.1.6 as well as with intellij 13 EAP I also updated the used lombok Versions to the latest ones (lombok:1.12.2 and lombok-pg:0.11.3) but I think this is not required. Cheers, Thomas
Upgrading to 0.7.1 fixed the issue. Thanks!
Downgraded to 0.6.5 and it's working fine again.
It seems the latest update broke my intellij : ( After the upgrade to 0.7 my IntelliJ keeps spiking the cpu and freezing for minutes.
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