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Compressing js and css files, go to Refactor > Compress
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2015-03-13 03:00:41
Very useful plugin. And for the issue described below there should be a simple solution if you also generate the .map files. These .map files do what you need and that is adding a reference from the compiled file to the original. This is possible for most converted style and code. For Stylus, SASS, Less but also for packed, obfuscated or minified JavaScript files and even for coffee scripted files. This is very useful for debugging and editing live in a browser development console. The browser and your application will use the converted files but when you open your console and go to one of the files, the original unconverted file(s) will show.
Igor Vakulenko
2014-11-15 17:08:58
It would be nice if it were possible to specify a template file name. For example style.css originally, filename.min.ext -> style.min.css
2014-01-18 21:46:05
Nice and useful plugin! You should add a check if the destination file already exists, currently it overwrites the destination file with no notification.