Gradle GUI

Products: IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio

Vendor: Gradle


This provides a graphical representation of Gradle projects and tasks and allows execution of Gradle tasks directly within Idea. Frequently-used tasks can be added to the Favorites tab for quicker access. Output is shown in a separate panel allowing the main UI to be vertical and the output to be horizontal. This is the same UI as the UI embedded in Gradle itself. Note: you can assign keyboard shortcuts within Idea to re-execute the last gradle command and to execute gradle favorites. To do so, go to Idea's settings -> Keymap and select Other. In this list find commands prefixed with "Gradle: ". The favorites are keyed off of the display name so it can work across projects as long as their name is the same.
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Recent change notes

1.7: Fixing compatibility with Idea 12. Idea was logging exceptions due to icon size changes. This generated excessively large log files. This does not yet address issues with Idea's new darker skin.

General usage instructions

You must specify a Gradle Home (0.9 and above) via Project Settings - then restart.