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IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Bazaar VCS integration.

System Requirements:

  • IntelliJ IDEA 10+ (Ultimate or Community)
  • Java 5+
  • Bazaar 2.0+
    • xmloutput plugin
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Version Since Build Until Build File/URL Size (Kb) Date Details
2.6.1. 103.72. . Download 855.46 2011-02-15 15:14:20 details
2.4.3. 95.66. . Download 848.14 2010-10-05 00:38:25 details
2.4.2. 95.66. . Download 842.48 2010-07-09 01:41:52 details
2.3.1. 91.13. . Download 837.71 2010-03-02 07:11:40 details
1.1.9. 81.9164. . Download 299.87 2009-07-08 00:57:16 details
. .
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Recent change notes:

Changes since 2.6.0 Changes since 2.4.3 Changes since 2.4.2
  • [enhancement] Less strict XML handling (thanks Ian)
  • [enhancement] Support for lightweight checkouts (thanks Ian)
Changes since 2.4.1 Changes since 2.4.0 Changes since 2.3.1
  • [enhancement] Updated to support IDEA 9.0.2.
Changes since 2.3.0 Changes since 2.1.1
  • [feature] Built-in error reporting.
  • [feature] Auto-correction of misconfigured roots.
  • [enhancement] Various improvements throughout.
Changes since 2.1.0
  • [bugfix] Suppress inappropriate error dialog popups when invoking commit or rename actions.
Changes since 2.0.0
  • [enhancement] Better integration with IDEA due to revamp based on the hg4idea plugin (thanks Victor!)
  • [bugfix] Plays nicer with IntelliJ's builtin shelving capabilities.
  • [bugfix] Plays nicer in projects with a heterogeneous VCS configuration.
Changes since 1.1.9
  • [feature] Supports IntelliJ IDEA 9.0

General usage instructions:

This will provide a new VCS type named \"Bazaar\" for your needs. Requires the Bzr CLI client and the xmloutput plugin to be installed.


2014-11-10 11:27:08
Plugin Bzr4IntelliJ fails with IntelliJ 14 — could you please use StoragePathMacros.APP_CONFIG instead of $OPTIONS$?
2011-07-13 14:14:48
I just can't commit my code with this plugin, it always says: no changes detected
2010-05-20 15:56:57

It seems this plugin lacks proper integration with Idea.
I wanted to create my project by checking it out from Bazaar repository but there's no option to do it [Bazaar is not on the list].
The only thing I could do is create a new project and do a VCS Integration, and there I could select Bazaar from the list.
I think it has a way to go in order to be as user friendly as CVS/SVN/Git integration is.
2010-04-28 12:04:46
No worries, I just found the sourcecode link at the top of this page.

2010-04-28 11:20:38

Where can I find the sources for this plugin? I would like to use them as an example, since I am stuck trying to upgrade another vcs plugin (for Synergy) to IDEA 9.

2010-02-12 19:37:36
Most features seem pretty solid, thanks for a nice plugin...

a couple of thoughts:

1) how do you access push / pull?
2) doesn't work correctly if you have any symlinks in the path to your working copy.
2009-02-09 06:55:23
thanks for sharing this.

what's wrong with bzr4idea?

how about joining forces? one way or another?
2009-02-09 06:41:55
Thanks for this.

Where are the sources? There is nothing on

What's wrong about bzr4idea? How about joining the forces? One way or the other?