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Bash language support for IntelliJ.
Supports syntax highlighting, rename refactoring, documentation lookup, inspections, quickfixes and much more.

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Changes in version 1.5.8 compared to 1.5.7:
  • BashSupport development is on hold. I'm unable to continue to ship a high quality plugin with my very limited spare time. Most of the other Top-10 plugins are either made by JetBrains or are commercial offerings. Further development may happen in 2017. Please accept my apologies...
  • Features removed:
    • #333: Marked support for escapes in evaluated code as experimental. A proper fix needs major work on the lexer framework and is currently not fully supported. There is a new experimental setting in the BashSupport settings dialog. Use it at your own risk.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • #310: The parsed now accepts more deeply nested command lists
    • #310: The parsed now accepts more deeply nested command lists
    • #329: "Unexpected Token" Error For Associative Array
    • #343: Exception "isExpectingEvaluatingHeredoc called on an empty marker stack "
    • Parsing for arithmetic expression in evaluating heredocs
Changes in version 1.5.7 compared to 1.5.6:
  • Bugs fixed:
    • #339: Update failed for AnAction with ID=ExternalJavaDoc (ClassCastException)
    • #340: isExpectingEvaluatingHeredoc called on an empty marker stack
    • #341: Exception "The inString stack should not be empty"
    • #342: Exception "Index out of range: -1" at beginning of file
Changes in version 1.5.6 compared to 1.5.5:
  • Bugs fixed:
    • #89: Function expands incorrectly when defined above another function
    • #125: Array element gives "Unexpected token"
    • #310: Workaround for deeply nested structures
    • #320: Array use in arithmetic expressions wasn't working as expected
    • #321: Handle leading tabs before heredoc end markers in heredocs started with the marker
    • #324: Error reporting component is broken
    • #327: Heredoc parser doesn't recognize \$( or \${ construction
    • #330: Variable declarations in eval code now accepts variables on the left side of an assignment
    • #331: NPE in HereDoc parsing
    • #332: NPE in enter processor
    • #333: ClassCastExceptions in ManpageDocSourc
    • #334: Potential fix for the lexing state errors
    • Removed Bash facet, it wasn't used any more. Also, facets are unavailable on the minor platform products.
    • Switched the exception error reporting to use https.
Changes in version 1.5.5 compared to 1.5.4:
  • Bugs fixed:
    • No keyword and live-template autocompletion in command arguments
    • Performance fixes for less latency in the editor
    • Variables and functions can now be resolved in scratch files again
    • #297: File includes with directories or / in the path reference are not working as expected
    • #298: Global variable, when used locally, mistakenly marks readonly error if set readonly within function
    • #300: Variables are not recognized in case
    • #303: Multiline lists not recognised
    • #306: Index access during dumb mode
    • #306: Could not initialize class nu.studer.idea.errorreporting.PluginErrorReportSubmitterBundle
    • #308: Grouping in test commands not properly parsed
    • #312: Newlines are not accepted in parameter expansions
    • #313: More gentle parsing for empty command lists for: for, while, until, if, select.
Changes in version 1.5.4 compared to 1.5.3:
  • Bugs fixed:
    • #299: ClassNotFound exception in PHPStorm
Changes in version 1.5.3 compared to 1.5.2:
  • Features:
    • Up to 35x faster file highlighting
    • Improved eval and trap parsing
    • Composed commands (if,while,do,case,...) may be the body of a function, i.e. without curly brackets
  • Bugs fixed:
    • #286: Eval parsing of code not inside a string
    • #263: Warning for modifications of variables re-defined as readonly
New features in version 1.5.x compared to 1.4.x:
  • #90: Language injection into unevaluated heredoc content, single and double quoted strings
  • #274: Spellchecker support for double-quoted strings, single-quoted strings and heredoc content
  • Bash code passed to eval in single quotes ('') is now parsed, too
  • Files usages in strings are now processed during a file rename if the option is enabled.
  • Renaming files in non-source directories
  • References to other Bash script files will now be renamed if the filename is changed
  • Bash version 4 support is now enabled by default

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