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SQL Code Assistant provides extended editing capability for SQL and PL/SQL code of the Oracle database.
With the SQL Code Assistant you are able to browse the objects, edit and execute SQL statements, navigate over the code, search for usages in the database schema or scripts on the File System.

The plugin uses lexer and parser generated by ANTLR tool, thanks to Terence Parr (,

Feature list:
  • Configurable syntax and error highlighting
  • Static code analysis
  • Context aware code completion
  • Viewing the structure of SQL and PL/SQL code
  • SQL and PL/SQL code formatting (experimental) (Ctrl-Alt-L)
  • Code Navigation
  • Quick object lookup (Ctrl-Shift-O)
  • Explain Plan (Ctrl-Shift-P)
  • Find Usages tables, views, columns, function, procedures, etc
  • Run SQL statement or PL/SQL block against active connection (Ctrl-Shift-M)
  • Database Schema Browsing
  • Set up database connection with plain JDBC URL or TNS Names, also SSH tunnel supported
  • Code Folding and bracket matching support
  • Code commenting

NOTE: Put SQL and PL/SQL files under some of source roots to have them indexed by the plugin.

The latest changes:
  • Support completion for ALTER TABLE statement
  • [KNOWN ISSUE] Case-sensitive table names, column names, etc are not supported for now
  • [KNOWN ISSUE] Initial indexing of numerous SQL files (1k and more) may take time


I appreciate comments, suggestions or bug reports, thanks in advance.
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Recent change notes:

      - [NEW] Support completion for ALTER TABLE statement
      - [NEW] Support error logging clause
      - [FIX] Fixes in completion
      - [NEW] More support on completion: SELECT JOIN, etc
      - [NEW] Parsing RESULT_CACHE construction
      - [FIX] "member" can be a name of table/view
      - [NEW] Refactoring of completion (implemented base cases for now)
      - [NEW] Highlight errors in string literal
      - [FIX] SQL files were not indexed on changes in Settings
      - [FIX] NPE in Structure View in case of invalid file
      - [FIX] Validation fixes
      - [NEW] Public Key authentication for SSH tunnel
      - [FIX] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException issue
      - [FIX] DB Connection Editor dialog
      - [FIX] GoToDBObject does not show objects with the same names
      - [FIX] Indexing of SQL files
      - [FIX] Data export to CSV format
      - [KNOWN ISSUE] Case-sensitive table names, column names and so on are not supported for now
      - [NEW] Added support for "Enter within comments"
      - [FIX] SQL and PL/SQL file indexing
      - [FIX] Some change in syntax highlighter to support Darcula color scheme
      - [FIX] Data export to CSV format
      - [FIX] Parser and formatter for REVOKE and GRANT statements
      - [KNOWN ISSUE] Case-sensitive table names, column names and so on are not supported for now
      - [NEW] Add support for RENAME TABLE statement, parsing, execution, code completion, etc
      - [FIX] Enhanced support for GRANT statement
      - [FIX] Performance improvement in the parser
      - [FIX] Code formatter changed case of names in double quotes
      - [KNOWN ISSUE] Case-sensitive table names, column names and so on are not supported for now
      - [NEW] Initial support for Materialized Views (parsing and highlighting)
      - [FIX] Some fixes in the parser
      - [FIX] Syntax highlighting is broken on empty file
      - [FIX] Enable parser to support DB links for %TYPE and %ROWTYPE
      - [FIX] Bring back lost icons for buttons in Connection Settings dialog
      - [KNOWN ISSUE] Case-sensitive table names, column names and so on are not supported for now
      - [KNOWN ISSUE] Case-sensitive table names, column names and so on are not supported for now
      - [NEW] Access to remote database via SSH (port forwarding)
      - [FIX] Refresh session button does not work
      - [FIX] Errored syntax failes syntax highlighting
      - [FIX] Slash failes parsing
      - [NEW] TNSNAMES.ORA files can be used to establish connection to a database
      - [NEW] Show Explain plan for SQL statement
      - [NEW] Support ALETR INDEX statement
      - [FIX] Hangs up on cancelation of running SQL
      - [FIX] Some fixes in the parser
      - [NEW] Added configuration of Colors & Fonts
      - [NEW] Autompletion of ":=", "||", SQL cursor attributes (PL/SQL), etc
      - [NEW] Support of the quoting mechanizm in PL/SQL appeared in 10g
      - [FIX] Allow hyphen character in DB host name, example: ''
      - [FIX] DatabaseBrowser is not properly updated on ALTER TABLE request
      - [FIX] Handling changes of File Type extensions
      - [FIX] Find Usages for names in double quotes
      - [FIX] Parsing
      - [NEW] Code formatter added


2014-03-21 09:36:49
Hello! It sounds like you run IDEA with Java6 on Mac OS X. To run plug-in you need Java7 or above.
2014-03-20 18:26:50
I've downloaded the latest version ( of the plugin but after restarting the application I keep getting error messages and I cannot figure out how to load the plugin. Is the latest version compatible with Intellij IDEA v13.1? Please, help. Plugin 'SQL' failed to initialize and will be disabled. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA. com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: com/deepsky/lang/common/PlSqlSupportLoader : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 [Plugin: SQL] at at at ...
2014-03-18 15:42:37
Invaluable for working with PL/SQL
2013-12-08 11:53:02
Hello rbellamy, Jetbrain's guys are changing API often and drastically, it is a challenge to chase after them :) But anyway I am going to release the plugin for 13 version ASAP. I will appreciate if you could provide comments on the plugin or report bugs. Thanks, Serhiy
2013-12-07 01:11:49
Just wondering about an ETA for release 13?
2013-06-18 20:55:52
Hi Anonymous, I will appreciate if you could provide screenshots to understand what's wrong with dark themes. Thanks, Serhiy
2013-06-18 11:57:10
The color schema still look not good under darcula. Please try to improve it. Thanks
2013-06-17 09:04:34
Hi hopeng, the latest supported versions are 12.1.4 and IDEA 13 EAP
2013-06-12 06:36:43
Hi deepsky8, what's the latest Intellij version supported by this plugin? Thanks!
2013-06-08 18:01:55
Hello hopeng, 11.1.5 release is not supported.
2013-06-07 10:40:36
Hi, Does the SQL code assistant support intellilJ 11.1.5? It shows up in the “Browse plugin” list, I clicked it but intellij only downloads the plugin not installing it. So I find the downloaded zip in “.IntelliJIdea\system\plugins\” and install it manually. But after restart, it shows that the plugin is not compatible. Any idea?
2012-04-13 20:52:51

Can you try making the plugin dark-theme friendly like the popular Vibrant Ink for RubyMine. Maybe use cyan instead of blue. Or maybe just use the them colors for reserved words, comments, etc.

Otherwise great plugin. Thank you!
2012-04-03 10:33:19
Hi Kun_Yue,
You are absolutely right, the host name was not accepting hyphen character ("-"). Now i have fixed it, going to upload plugin with the fix today or tomorrow.

Good catch, thank you!
2012-04-03 01:40:25
just tried the latest update.

use the same host name:

got validation error: "Host parameter contains not permissible charaacters"

it seems that it's not happy with "-" now
2012-02-23 02:19:40

Hi deepsky8,

I made one more try...
I checked our Oracle version is
Therefore I copied ojdbc6- from my local Maven repository, which is used by IntelliJ "Data Sources" tool-window, and replaced ".IntelliJIdea11\config\plugins\sql_assistant\lib\ojdbc5.jar"

The same error pops up:
Could not establish connection: Listener refused the connection with the following error:
ORA-12516, TNS:listener could not find available handler with matching protocol stack