Google App Engine Support for PHP

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Google App Engine Support for PHP
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2015-04-14 15:39:09
@maciej.mikulski Thank you for comment! The issue is already fixed (see, and the build with the fix has just been uploaded. Please update.
2015-04-14 12:45:34
PHP Runtime should not be hardcoded in command flag. Right now plugin triggers AppEngine command with runtime flag set to php. AppEngine team added support for new php55 runtime, which can be set in app.yaml. Plugin uploads application with default php runtime flag which overrides setting in app.yaml. This makes impossible to upload application to AppEngine from PHPStorm with php55 runtime setting. I guess that plugin should use runtime setting from projects app.yaml eventually falling back to default php.
2013-05-28 14:09:07
@kungfufrog It will be available since IDEA 13 EAP.
2013-05-27 10:17:40
2013-05-21 09:39:28
Will this plugin be made available for users of IntelliJ IDEA? (those running PHP as a plugin for IDEA)