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Provides advanced C / C++ / Makefile editing and compiling / debugging capabilities. Editing capabilities consist of reference navigation (variable / field / macro / macr parameter names), completion, live semantic and error highlighting (sometimes with fixes :),
find usages, goto class / symbol / macro def / constant, refactorings (rename, introduce var), override / implements action / navigation,
quick navigate info (Control + Mouse hover), generate default/copy constructors and assignment operator, detect unused variable / functions, structure view
, surround with cast/if/etc, navigate from java native declaration to cpp implementation and backward, do compile for cpp files and build for makefile/dsp/vcproj files and more.
Debugging support consists of GDB integration exposed as idea debugger interface.
EAP software, works only for Win32/(MsVc/Gcc + CygWin/MingW), Linux 32bit /Intel/Gcc, MacOSX/Intel/Gcc platforms with IntelliJ Idea 12 Ultimate / Community editions (builds 123.00), WebStorm.
Detailed readme and blog
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Version Since Build Until Build File/URL Size (Kb) Date Details
0.8 build 5. 111.200. 130. Download 5424.05 2013-11-17 05:09:01 details
0.8 build 3 [BETA]. 107.200. 117.*. Download 5416.46 2013-01-23 19:16:36 details
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Recent change notes:

In 0.8.5:
  • Idea 11.1 compatibility fixes.
  • Compile file action supports Clang.
In 0.8.4:
  • Customizable Makefile colors.
  • Added IntelliJ Idea 12 support.
  • Dropped IntelliJ Idea 10 / 10.5 support.
In 0.8.3:
  • Added IntelliJ Idea 10.5 / 11, WebStorm support.
  • Dropped IntelliJ Idea 9 (Diana) support.
In 0.8.2:
  • Dropped Idea 8 (Diana) support.
In 0.8.1:
  • Major feature: initial support for handling Cpp and C files without switching settings.
  • Completion of member names in constructor initializer list.
  • Find usages over string literal will find other occurrences of the same literal.
  • Completion of macros parameters inside macro body.
  • Assorted performance and usability fixes got from dog fooding :).
  • Completion / navigation for targets / value references in makefiles.
  • Recent find usages action works in usage view for c++ symbols.
  • Option to disable multiple definition checks (C++ Project Settings|Settings).
  • No absent definition error produced for declaration of static integral constant inside class.
  • Leading // file level header comments are folded.
  • Fixed bug with broken "Navigate to constant / macro".
  • Added IdeaX support.
  • Dropped Idea 6 (Demetra) and Idea 7 (Selena) support.


2014-11-21 19:08:56
For people having incompatibility issues: Extract the zip. In PyCharms > Settings > Plugins > Install from harddrive > browse to [extracted_folder]/lib/
2014-10-30 16:57:28
How do I get this plugin to work? I just installed it but I can't create C/C++ projects
2014-09-25 05:44:11
I've download and apply plugin in the below link, but I got error as below. com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: com/advancedtools/cpp/CppSupportSettings : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 [Plugin: C/C++] I'm using IntelliJ Ultimate 13.1.2 and build #IU-135.690 on Mac What's the problem and how can it be fixed?
2014-09-18 22:10:36
There is a link to an updated version below. I did not try this however. I edited an xml file in the zip file to allow for a larger range of versions. I am getting an error when highlighting code, but the plugin mostly works with this change.
2014-08-28 13:47:46
Error: Plugin C/C++ is incompatible with current installation. IDEA v.13.1.2 135.690
2014-08-21 13:10:38
Will there be any idea 13 support in the future?
2014-07-31 12:36:39
Any chance of 64bit support for the latest PyCharm? Thanks!
2014-05-14 10:52:02
Can you provide an idea 13 support pls? Want to test this, as eclipse is a pain in the ass.
2014-05-06 20:31:35
Any chance of idea 13.1 support soon?
2014-04-06 17:57:33
Any chance of upgrading this to work with the latest PyCharm version? Currently 3.1.1, 133.881.
2014-03-23 20:29:21
An update to the last upload, this contains the executables used by the plugin as helpers: plugin works now.
2014-03-23 05:49:34
Until the plugin is updated IDEA 135 compatible version can be found here:
2014-03-23 05:07:33
Please note there is a github available at, you can compile the current version yourself.
2014-03-05 03:08:57
Webstorm 7, pretty please!!
2014-03-01 14:56:03
Please update to v13... Thanks in advance!