Compatible with all products except MPS
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Quickly opens temporary IntelliJ text editor tab.
  • Alt+C, Alt+C - open default scratch
  • Alt+C, Alt+S - open list with all scratches
  • Alt+C, Alt+A - add new scratch
In scratches list popup:
  • Alt+Insert - add new scratch
  • Alt+Up/Down - move scratch
  • Shift+F6 - rename scratch
  • Delete - delete scratch
  • Ctrl+Delete - delete without prompt
(See also "Main menu -> Tools -> Scratch")

For more details see GitHub page.

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Recent change notes

  • 1.08 - fix for exception in IJ 2016.3 when creating new scratch
  • 1.07 - allow creating scratches with the same name but different extensions
  • 1.03 - make scratches always editable (even if they are outside of project root)
  • 1.0 - file types, uses physical files, add/rename/delete/move scratches
  • 0.17 - fix for UTF-8
  • 0.16 - fixed reference to icon

General usage instructions

Alt+C, Alt+C - opens default scratch Alt+C, Alt+S - opens list of all scratches
- most of the time I don't end up using data from scratches so "create new file and cut-and-paste into it from scratch" seems to be good enough.. I don't have any data on how people use it though - you can rename scratch to have e.g. ".html" extension and it will be highlighted as html
This is a great plugin and I'm finding it very useful. Two things would help make it even more useful. #1, being able to save your scratch file as an actual file in your project. Sometimes I start something and end up using it. Creating a new file, copying over, etc.. could be easier. #2, Syntax highlighting. For the same reason above really. my scratch could be HTML, JS, etc. Would be good if we could select what language we want this highlighted in. No idea if either of those two things are possible, but regardless, it's a great plugin. Thank you!
Absolutely great! But default key bindings could be better. Currently it clashes with Alt+C in "Find in Path" window.
I love the new version :)
Good plugin, but it lacks syntax highlighting and support form XML, HTML etc.
Very useful!
Please add "Highlight syntax" feature (with a language drop box)...
Very helpful plugin :)
Simple and useful, a very nice feature would be to set language of the file on the file.

An example of usage would be the need to alter html or xml which I don't have a local file of. One can just paste the contents to the scratch and edit the snippet with the powerful ide features, otherwise I resort to creating temporary files.
Perfect! Quick and Easy! Just what I was looking for.

Works perfectly in 10.0
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