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Support for AngularJS
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142.1935 142.1935 26.05.2015 Download
141.1237 141.1237 22.05.2015 Download
141.991 141.991 06.05.2015 Download
141.2 141.2 06.03.2015 Download
140.1968 140.1968 27.01.2015 Download
139.1112 139.1112 19.01.2015 Download
139.12 139.12 09.10.2014 Download
138.1988 138.1988 15.09.2014 Download
138.1242 138.1029 21.07.2014 Download
135.1063 134.1172 02.07.2014 Download
134.1094 134.1 13.02.2014 Download
0.1.9 107.105 27.09.2013 Download
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Recent change notes

Added a setting for whitespace between braces
Fixing bug introduced by autocomplete with invalid elements (had to "revert" to old method of autocomplete, so I need to find a new approach for invalid elements
Focusing on WebStorm 7 compatibility
Adding navigation, auto-closing {{, attribute autocomplete on all elements, and "jump to docs"
Adding "href" and "disabled" to the descriptors list
Bundling live templates thanks to Powel Kozlowski
Adding the mouse events and a couple other missing directives
Works with any doctype (not just !doctype html).
Changed Autocomplete approach to "provide" custom autocompletes through a provider extension point. I'll revisit a custom DTD after more discussion/thought with other developers.
Basic ng attribute autocompletion based on an included DTD.


2014-10-10 11:32:19
I had the same problem with the EAP, so I opened about it.
2014-10-10 04:21:51
Plugin doesn't seem to be available for IntelliJ EAP 14. It reports 138.1988 as the latest version. Perhaps 139.12 is an incorrect version number?
2014-10-01 06:08:19
So I have $interpolateProvider in a coffee file (although also tried a js file) and it doesn't seem enough to let this plugin know that the {{ has been changed to something else, instead I get various errors. Using PHPStorm8, with blade templates
2014-09-30 14:12:15
Hi guys, if anyone ever runs into the problem that this plugin doesn't work: apparently you have to enable it by going to Settings | JavaScript | Libraries. Add checkboxes there, and it works.
2014-07-22 09:32:23
Request data- prefixes!
2014-06-15 11:22:49
i can't elaborate on how slow this plugin makes Rubymine. i don't know if the plugin is the only issue. but i have a late-2013 fully loaded 15" macbookpro and i was getting a good 250-500ms lag between keypress and action. i had to disable the plugin...
2014-06-04 12:50:37
Version 135.937 causes the cursor to jump around when I hit the return key. It always jumps to a variable about halfway down the page. Makes editing impossible. Has anyone else seen this?
2014-05-31 21:42:19
hello, i have installed the plugin from repository on Intellij Idea but I still get the ng directives highlighted. Am i supposed to do anything else ? I did the clear casche and restart thing. I am using it in static web project
2014-04-22 13:05:30
this plugin doesn't do syntax highlighting as plugins for similar syntaxted template engines (twig, jinja2, django) do right? or am I missing something here .. ?
2014-04-14 02:08:55
Hello. I have the same issue like @ptinkler. Angular's html attributes like ng-app, ng-controller e.t.c was highlighted as errors. Idea 13.1
2014-04-02 17:25:28
@enDal that's great, thanks! :)
2014-04-02 17:22:28
@ptinkler oops, it seems that it bundled only in not-yet released 3.4 EAP. I'll enable it for PyCharm, but only 0.1.9 version will be compatible with very basic html attributes completion
2014-04-02 17:18:07
@enDal is it? I'm getting html highlighting errors on `ng-app` attributes in my project, so I don't think it's enabled. I can't see it in my installed plugins section either, nor the Jetbrains/Other repos. Pycharm 3.1.1 for reference. Any idea how I go about enabling it?
2014-04-02 17:01:04
@ptinkler, because it's bundled in PyCharm now. Fix for {{}} is coming in the nearest future (via $interpolationProvider.startSymbol/endSymbol)
2014-04-02 16:57:34
Is there a reason why this plugin is not available within Pycharm? I can see the conflicts between Django and AngularJS both using {{ }} template syntax to be difficult to solve.