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Vendor: Andrew Armstrong, Bas Leijdekkers, Vince Mallet, Ole Matzura, Jacques Morel, Colin Fleming, Jon Akhtar


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A Program Structure Interface (PSI) tree viewer. This plugin may be useful for developers who are considering using the PSI interface in their own plugins.
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Version Compatible builds Date
3.28.77 130 03.09.2015 Download
3.27.57 110.129 21.09.2012 Download
2.27.34 40.3461 07.08.2011 Download
2.25.3 40.3185 09.04.2005 Download
2.24.1 40.3144 06.04.2005 Download
2.22.1 40.2000 15.07.2004 Download
2.20 build 4 20031021 30.06.2004 Download
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Recent change notes

  • Fixed some longtime annoyances. The cursor doesn't jump around anymore
  • Leaf nodes which are not children of the psi tree are filtered from the selection
  • Support for all JetBrains IDEs
  • Fixed the toolwindow icons