Non-Dairy Soy Plugin

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A plugin to help with the development of Closure Templates (soy files).

This plugin includes support for syntax highlighting, code folding, find usages and go to declaration on parameters and templates, and Structure view.

This plugin is still under development, and updates are subject to my available free time.

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0.6.0 (beta) 123 06.11.2013 Download
0.5.0 (beta) 111.1 08.04.2012 Download
0.3 (alpha) 95.66 29.08.2010 Download
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Recent change notes

ver 0.6.0 * Updated for IntelliJ 12 (Thanks to Ivica Ceraj) * Added spell checking (Thanks to Christopher Peisert) * Added support for alias and let commands * Added support for object and array literal expressions * Added support for null-safe reference and elvis operators * Fixed parser bug related to malformed command tags with closing tags