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Adds favorite folders into FileChooser dialog toolbar.
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Recent change notes

v1.1.1.0 - Fix platform dependencies. Exceptions fix.

General usage instructions

After installing this plugin in the system user is allowed to add additional quick-navigate folders to FileChooser toolbar.

To add additional places, go to 'IDE Settings' -> 'Favorite folders' OR 'Project Settings' -> 'Favorite folders' section and add a new record. Folders-in-zip/jar is also supported. The favorite folder could be optionally given a name and icon to differ it from other places. It is also possible to select an external icon for the folder. Restrictions to an external icon: file type is one of jpg, png, bmp. If image is larger than 16x16 it will be shrinked to 16x16 size.

Global favorite folders are shown first. After them project(s) favorite folders are shown.

After pressing Apply button, your favorite folders will be appeared in FileChooser toolbar. The new folders can be accessed with shortcuts Ctrl+4, Ctrl+5, ..., Ctrl+0, Ctrl+Shift+1, etc. Last possible shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+0. All the others folders will be accessed only via mouse.