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Jenkins Control Plugin

Compatible with all products except MPS
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A Jenkins Plugin for Intellij

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Awesome plugin. broken on latest release of IntelliJ
It is currently not working for IntelliJ-14 (only up to IJ-13). A really useful plugin though!
It works very well!! I had some issue for credentials (we are using a SSO to authenticate) but Jenkins API token made me able to connect. I don't give 5 because it only supports one server and I'm using 3 servers.
We're using GIT and different branches. Is it possible to apply patch to build on Jenkins CI by current branch with applying patch?
Could you add functionality to show your own view as created in jenkins; i.e. specific jobs you've added to your own view so that you don't have to search for them
If the server is not available, it will wait for very long time to timeout at IDEA startup.
Works good so far really loving it
I have a problem with connection to Jenkins CI server through this plugin:

Server Url=
Error on line 2: The element type \"hr\" must be terminated by the matching end-tag \"\".

I\'ve tried to connect to 2 CI servers - the same problem. How can I resolve it? Is it a problem of your plugin?
It works OK. The plugin only supports 1 Jenkins server.

I had an intial setup issue because the included Jenkins CLI jar is not compatible with more recent builds (I'm running Jenkins 1.411) But if you replace the CLI jar with a matching version it works. http://yourserver.com/jenkins-cli.jar
Would like to use this plugin, but our Jenkins server is behind an Apache instance and we use SSL to get to it. Looks like that isn't supported yet...
Because there's no way to supply credentials, I (and probably most Jenkins users) cannot make use of this plugin.
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