Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA , PhpStorm , RubyMine
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Support for AngularJS and Angular 2

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Plugin 162.74.17 won't work with latest EAP 2016.2 (which is 162.74.16) :-(
@alturic, this plugin is for IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine and PhpStorm where it's not bundled. WebStorm has this plugin included by default.
@dudewad, would you be so kind to create an issue in our tracker:, some additional information may be required
@alturic the plugin is to support angularjs bindings, etc. It provides intellisense between your angular classes and templates amongst other functionality. That's not considered "web" functionality, it's framework-specific, which is probably why they bundle it as a plugin since a lot of devs that do web programming won't do angularjs programming. Better to have that functionality as "optional".
It works, however it absolutely destroys editor performance. I will not use it simply because it makes my IDE worthless, even after doubling heap size/etc multiple times. Would give it a 4 or even a 5 if performance weren't impacted so heavily. I've seen performance impact on mac osx, win 8.1, and win 10 environments, all machines with between 12 and 32 gigs of ram.
I couldn't install it in Intellj Idea version 2016.1.1. Why, it doesn't support intelliJ Idea the lastest version?
My IntelliJ download the plugin AngularJS can not be used, 2 computers are successfully installed can not be used, for help
Am I missing something or does WebStorm not support AngularJS by default? I'm confused on what this plugin is "for"?
I had the same problem with the EAP, so I opened about it.
Plugin doesn't seem to be available for IntelliJ EAP 14. It reports 138.1988 as the latest version. Perhaps 139.12 is an incorrect version number?
So I have $interpolateProvider in a coffee file (although also tried a js file) and it doesn't seem enough to let this plugin know that the {{ has been changed to something else, instead I get various errors. Using PHPStorm8, with blade templates
Hi guys, if anyone ever runs into the problem that this plugin doesn't work: apparently you have to enable it by going to Settings | JavaScript | Libraries. Add checkboxes there, and it works.
Request data- prefixes!
i can't elaborate on how slow this plugin makes Rubymine. i don't know if the plugin is the only issue. but i have a late-2013 fully loaded 15" macbookpro and i was getting a good 250-500ms lag between keypress and action. i had to disable the plugin...
Version 135.937 causes the cursor to jump around when I hit the return key. It always jumps to a variable about halfway down the page. Makes editing impossible. Has anyone else seen this?
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