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Open files/tabs switcher to quickly switch between tabs with less keystrokes than Recent Files. Open files are selected from a list in most recently used order, similarly to Alt+Tab in Windows or Ctrl-Tab in Opera. By default the action is mapped to Alt+A, but another popular assignment is CMD+E.

Thanks to Timur Zambalayev for the original plugin, Martin Fuhrer for a major contribution in the form of a rewrite and Mark Scott for patching a bug. Follow further development of this plugin on GitHub or follow me on twitter for announcements and other things.

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Version Compatible builds Date
3.0.8 139.463 09.12.2014 Download
2.1.9 99.18 21.06.2011 Download
2.1.8 90.10360 30.06.2009 Download
2.1.7 80.8000 30.06.2009 Download
1.7.1 40.3436 06.02.2007 Download
0.7.5 40.2235 13.06.2005 Download
0.7.1 40.2008 17.07.2004 Download
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Recent change notes

3.0.8: Build with java 1.6.
3.0.7: Bug-fix: reverse recent files array _before_ checking their validity do be added to list.
3.0.6: Remove TabSwitch settings. Is not used anymore.
3.0.5: Project is upgraded to use java 7.
3.0.4: When only one file is opened - do not display the TabSwitch list. Also some refactorings.
3.0.3: Lots of code clean ups. Does not display same file in the list twice anymore.
3.0.2: Do not include directories when listing recent VCS changes popup window. Removed light green background color from popup list.
3.0.1: Added new TabSwitch Action to display modified files in the default change list of your VCS. Large refactoring.
3.0.0: Fixed bug where it moved two steps down on each move-down-action.
2.2.0: Cleaning up some code.
2.1.9: Switch to open tab even if it is located in a different split pane.
2.1.8: The TabSwitch actions are now available during background indexing in Maia.
2.1.7: Fix for mouse over popup changes selection problem reported by Michael Bushe.
2.1.6: RubyMine compatible version.