Identifier Highlighter Reloaded

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Gives you one-stroke way to navigate to next/previous identifier occurrence.
Use Shift+Alt+Up and Shift+Alt+Down (or assign your own shortcuts in Keymap) to navigate up and down to each identifier occurrence.
Make sure that these shortcuts are not mapped to e.g. "Move Line Up" and "Move Line Down" in Keymap.
Can be used with or without "Highlight usages of element at caret" enabled.
Source available at

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Recent change notes

Recompile with java 6.

General usage instructions

The plugin adds two actions \"Next Identifier\" bound to \"shift alt DOWN\" and \"Previous Identifier\" bound to \"shift alt UP\".
Please be aware that those mappings are by default mapped to \"Move line\" actions, so you will need to modify your settings in Keymap section.
Sorry for the trouble. Looks like repository is confused because i uploaded same version two times. The currently uploaded build should work with JDK 6, but if you installed the plugin between 2013-04-07 21:35:41 and 2013-04-09 01:54:24 you may need to delete plugin and install it again.
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but despite the above notes ("Recent change notes: Recompile with java 6.") the major class version of the downloaded plugin classes is still 51 (produced by JDK 7). This is a problem for all Mac users, because Jetbrains still doesn't support running IntelliJ with java 7 on Mac. Fortunately, it was quite easy to recompile the plugin from sources using JDK 6. Anyway, thanks for this great plugin! It's a shame IJ cannot do something like this out of the box...
Just works!
i actually like identifier highlighter plugin more, i have disabled all highlighting (and enabled "Highlight usages of element at caret) and just use the next/prev identifier.

this plugin would be perfect without highlighting.
I see.
This is definitely possible, i'm just too lazy to implement it properly and am happy with the way it works now :).

Feel free to fork a project on github and submit a pull request, or I can add you as a collaborator.
Usually, things are highlighted in green when your caret is upon them, and as soon as you move your caret away the highlight disappears. This is ideal.

But this is not how the "Highlight Usages in File" command works. It keeps the highlight around until you explicitly clear it (or, in the case of your plugin, until the next time you execute the next/prev action).

It'd be nice if it could jump to the next highlight without having to use the Find Usages function. But since I'm not familiar with the plugin API I have no idea whether this is even possible.
Thanks, ntraft.
I'm not 100% sure what you mean saying "if the highlight color didn't change and then stay highlighted until cleared".
Is it just the color of highlighting that bothers you? Or do you want to be able to navigate between different identifiers, like if you do "Highlight Usages" several times and then use "Next/Prev" ?

Perfect timing!! I just switched to IDEA a few days ago and this is the ONE Eclipse feature I have been sorely missing! I bound it to Ctrl+Period and Ctrl+Comma, as in Eclipse.

The only downside I would mention is that this is really just a one-key shortcut for: Clear Highlights + Highlight Usages + Next/Prev Highlight. It would be really nice if the highlight color didn't change and then stay highlighted until cleared, as it does with Highlight Usages.
Hi sylvanaar,
The option you are referring to just highlights the element, the plugin adds ability to easily navigate between highlighted usages.

Both features were available in the original IdentifierHighlighter, but the latter was not ported into core IDEA.
This seems very interesting. i thought this was added into IntelliJ.

My first question would be. What does this improve over the existing "identifier highlight usages of element at caret option"
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