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Task Provider for bugzilla

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this is based on the deprecated bugzilla plugin, just a first version. note that url to the bugzilla site should NOT include the index.cgi script name, just end with the /
yea, i havn't seen it being maintained before (not that i maintain this one much ;), i just refactored it )
Which plugin is depreciated "Bugzilla task provider"?
unfortunately doesnt work with phpstorm
as i said before i'm not sure exactly what is needed to make it work there as well, i do know that i got a mail a while back from interlj saying they wanna incorporate it into all of their projects.
Hi, actually the plugin seems to work only on Intellij Idea, do you have any plans to get it to work for others IDE (PhpStorm, AppCode for instance) ? I tried without success on PhpStorm 5 and 6EAP as well as in AppCode 1.6 and 2EAP. Thanks !
that kind of URL did you give it (it should not include the index.cgi, only the path without the ending /
Sounds very useful for me! With 1.0 I get this exception: @NotNull method org/intelizilla/BugzillaTask.getId must not return null: @NotNull method org/intelizilla/BugzillaTask.getId must not return null java.lang.IllegalStateException: @NotNull method org/intelizilla/BugzillaTask.getId must not return null at org.intelizilla.BugzillaTask.getId(BugzillaTask.java:80) at com.intellij.tasks.impl.TaskManagerImpl$2.convert(TaskManagerImpl.java:93) at com.intellij.tasks.impl.TaskManagerImpl$2.convert(TaskManagerImpl.java:90) at com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.newMapFromValues(ContainerUtil.java:530)
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