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Felix SCR Annotation Processor

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A Felix SCR Annotation processor for for IntelliJ.

The plugin will add a compiler plugin to the IntelliJ build chain which will detect if a module uses Felix SCR annotations. In case the compiling module uses Felix SCR annotations it will create a service component XML and add it to the MANIFEST.MF.

The plugin also delivers also a bunch of code inspections which might be useful.

  • Compiler plugin to process Felix SCR Annotations.
  • Generates a service component xml in the build output.
  • Add service component xml to the manifest (overwrite/merge).
  • Click-able error messages in case SCR generator fails.
  • Basic Inspection for Felix Annotations (missing bind/unbind method).
  • Auto Refactoring - The "Refactor" menu offers a new Action for XML files which allows you to convert a Service Component XMl automatically into Felix SCR Annotatations

What is supported:

The plugin currently supports only Felix Annotations 1.9.0 or greater

What is not supported

The plugin doesn't support JavaDoc parsing.

If you want to provide feedback feel free to drop me a email or to post a issue on the github repository
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