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Team Foundation Server provides source code management (either via Team Foundation Version Control or Git), reporting, requirements management, project management (for both agile software development and waterfall teams), automated builds, lab management, testing and release management capabilities. This plugin provides integration with the Team Foundation Server. The following features are available:
  • Dedicated page under the Version Control node in the Settings/Preferences dialog.
  • Ability to create and manage TFS workspaces.
  • Ability to download the files from a TFS server according to the settings from a new or the existing workspace.
  • Checkout from TFS Wizard.
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Version Since Build Until Build File/URL Size (Kb) Date Details
138.1183. 135. . Download 8112.68 2014-07-18 09:53:18 details
133.1378. 133. . Download 8369.76 2014-04-28 15:44:45 details
129.105. 124. . Download 8068.95 2013-03-27 16:08:52 details
121.390. 121. . Download 8063.27 2012-12-19 17:08:53 details
1.1. 85.9950. 85.*. Download 7369.05 2009-12-22 19:16:44 details
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2014-09-06 06:38:15
Does not work well with Mac (OS X 10.9.4) version of PhpStorm EAP PS-138.2071 (and could not get it to work with PhpStorm 7.x). I keep getting Error: Bad Request whenever I try to get the latest version from TFS. Submitted a support request. Also the workspace keeps disappearing. Clicking "Reload workspaces" will sometimes show it, but most times I have to create a new workspace. It is unusable for me.
2014-07-30 14:03:29
The latest version 138.1183 should correctly work with TFS 2013 and Visual Studio Online ( "Error prevents adding Team Foundation Server" should be fixed), though "Support for TFS 2012 local workspace" is not fixed yet. If you still experience some issues, please submit description to
2014-07-30 08:26:06
This needs to be upgraded to work with TFS 2013. Get that ironed out, and I'll like it.
2014-06-05 04:45:17
Is there any update on the progress of resolving the issue with this plugin? PhpStorm & WebStorm are great products but the TFS plugin is unfortunately a dependency for my work. I'm using Aptana in the meantime with the TFS/Eclipse plugin, but hope to see this resloved.
2014-06-04 15:25:40
Any idea when it's going to be fixed please?
2014-05-06 15:06:21
As of 133.1378 it still does not work with visual studio online using the alternate credentials. "Unexpected subelement RelativeToSetting" See:
2014-04-28 15:48:21
Uploaded an updated plugin version (133.1378) compatible with IDE's with build numbers of 133.* and higher, in particular with PhpStorm 7.1. The older version (129.105) is also available.
2014-04-07 13:38:31
Temporary removed latest update as a workaround
2014-04-07 13:32:26
Since the new update it doesn't work for me neither!! Please fix that ASAP!
2014-04-07 12:14:38
Nothing works for me after update to the new version.
2014-04-05 22:19:29
Hello, Version 133.434 does not work for me as version 129.105 did. I cannot resolve my local workspaces, they are simply not shown. Where usually my accountname was displayed, i just see a pair of empty square brackets now, so i suspect that something goes wrong with authentication. I am using Webstorm 8.0 and TFS 2013 with four separate team-collections. Please make the previous version 129.105 at least available for download via the plugin homepage. Thanks in advance, W. Andreas
2014-04-04 21:27:31
It looks like we just got a new update. That's nice to see. However I have no idea what was updated since there are no release notes. Can those be added? I can't find them anywhere online.
2013-12-13 19:57:32
Problem connecting to TFS Service(microsoft online TFS service). When I tried to connect using my outlook user name and password, it gives me "Transport 401 Error: Not Authorized".
2013-11-29 14:24:08
I'm getting error "SOAP message MUST NOT contain a Document Type Definition" when connecting to TFS server. I'm using the latest build of the plugin and 7.0.1 of PhpStorm
2013-11-29 14:22:25
I'm getting error "SOAP message MUST NOT contain a Document Type Definition"