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Team Foundation Server provides source code management (either via Team Foundation Version Control or Git), reporting, requirements management, project management (for both agile software development and waterfall teams), automated builds, lab management, testing and release management capabilities. This plugin provides integration with the Team Foundation Server. The following features are available:
  • Dedicated page under the Version Control node in the Settings/Preferences dialog.
  • Ability to create and manage TFS workspaces.
  • Ability to download the files from a TFS server according to the settings from a new or the existing workspace.
  • Checkout from TFS Wizard.

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I'm running WebStorm 2016.3 with the 163.9166.8 TFS plugin on MacOS 10.12.1 and attempting to talk to TFS 2013, and getting the what appears to be infamous 'Transport error: 401 Error: Unauthorized' message. I've tried modifying by adding these lines for the under the VMOptions I've seen in other posts: -Dorg.jetbrains.tfsIntegration.webservice.auth.ntlm.message1flags=0x00088207 -Dorg.jetbrains.tfsIntegration.webservice.auth.ntlm.message3flags=0x00088205 And, alas, no joy. This is a must-have for me to use this product; is there a resolution out there? Any help appreciated.
At least with PyCharm 2016.2.3 and 2016.1.4 I cannot use the plugin, because it says it is incompatible with the IDE installation. :( Any solution for that? A working TFS plugin would be very helpful. :)
I'm trying to connect TFS plugin to Pycharm 2016.1.2. I went to settings - plugins - Intellij task interation for microsoft team found then select HTTP Proxy setting. Then select Manua proxy configuration and entered Host name, port as 80 and gave the proxy authentication and select check connection. It is generating an error Connection failed with HTTP code 401 for http://host:8080/tfs Does anyone had a success setup for installing and configuring TFS to Pycharm?
We are using IJ 2016.1 Ultimate and TFS 2012 for Version Control. Our TFS team project is made up of numerous development branches -"higher" branches indicate more "mature" source code (progression through initial design & implementation to unit test, integration test, etc.). Visual Studio allows you to set up Custom Path Policies - these are check-in policies that can be enforced on a particular branch. The latest IJ with the latest TFS plugin does not appear to support Custom Path Policies. If I check in through IJ 2016 I see the Policy Warning 'Custom Path Policy' is not installed. This warning can be disabled through Settings->Version Control->TFS "Warn About Not Installed Policies" but support for the custom policies appears to be missing. Are there plans to add TFS Custom Path Policy support?
Please add code review feature for android.
Thanks for providing a plugin for TFS integration! Are you going to provide an update for WebStorm 12? Currently this is the only reason we cannot update :-/
Another workaround for people getting bad requests when pulling a repository. If you pull the repository with visual studio then open the workspace in intellij it will have pulled fine and you can work.
bad request ever and ever again
Hey guys i found some tip about "Bad request" issue. When i try to commit to TFS like most people said i got the dialog. reason of this is that connection is closed with TFS. It happen randomly so when you got the problem just check your TFS connection status then just reload Work spaces here is the step. 1. right click a project you want to check in 2. click TFS 3. click Edit Configuration 4. Reload workspaces thats all
this would be great.. if it worked. Bad requests trying to do pretty much everything except checking out a single file
When it works it works well, but that's only about 20% of the time. The other 80% is plagued with Bad requests. This is both in linux, and windows. Running off a tfs server hosted on visual studio online with alternate credentials on a server workspace
Bad Request!
Please make this plugin work in android studio as this is badly in our organisation!
Many of work within organizations that use TFS for project oversight and version control. It is expected that either JetBrains or the Android Studio development team will be adding support to for TFS. I am betting that would make a bunch of enterprise Android developers pretty happy.
Will not authenticate with VS2013 online url: Auth: Alternate username: Password:
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