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Integrates with Simple Build Tool (SBT) to enable building Scala projects easily and quickly.

Offers a console where SBT commands can be entered interactively, and a Before Run task to delegate project compilation to SBT, as an alternative to the built in IntelliJ Make.

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Requires / Compatible with IDEA 14.1. Unfortunately this release removes the "Console History" feature, for reasons described

General usage instructions

Go to the "Before launch" options of a Run Configuration, uncheck "Make" and choose "Run SBT Action / test-compile" to compile the project with SBT.

This plugin does not generate or synchronize your IDEA project structure from the SBT build configuration. The sbt-idea-plugin (, a plugin for SBT, rather than for IDEA, serves this purpose. These two projects are complementary, and do not conflict with each other.

Alternatively you can rely on IDEA's Maven integration, so that both SBT and IDEA find the dependencies from Maven's POM files. But beware that SBT/Ivy does not support the relativePath element for parent POMs (, which can cause issues with multi-module projects.