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Integrates MKS Source Integrity with IDEA
See here for the googlecode project
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Version Compatible builds Date
0.12 129.1359 13.11.2014 Download
0.10.2 129.1328 14.01.2014 Download
0.9.1-X 107.777 31.07.2012 Download
0.8.1 94.426 08.04.2010 Download
0.8 93.13 19.01.2010 Download
0.7.4-Diana 80.8890 17.12.2008 Download
0.7.3 72.7361 — 80.8000 15.10.2008 Download
0.7_Diana 80.8280 16.04.2008 Download
0.7 72.7361 15.04.2008 Download
0.6 69.7002 13.08.2007 Download
0.5 60.6667 30.04.2007 Download
0.3.4 40.3326 09.05.2005 Download
0.3.2 40.3214 16.02.2005 Download
0.3.1 40.3117 01.12.2004 Download
0.3 40.3075 08.11.2004 Download
0.2.1 40.1178 22.07.2004 Download
0.2 30.06.2004 Download
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Recent change notes

  • 0.12 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.12 for complete changes
    issue 106 : enable "view change package" action in file history view
    issue 102 : Support File History > Annotate
    issue 103 : assertion failed "project is already disposed" when closing MKS backed project
    issue 104, 105 : better usage of PasswordManager and better handling of disconnection errors
    issue 106 : Honor "resynchronize non members" Plugin preference
  • 0.11.1 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.1.1 for complete changes
    issue 101 : regression introduced by Missing files support, locally deleted files prevent report of other changes
  • 0.11 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.11 for complete changes
    issue 98 : Plugin fails with PyCharm
    issue 100 : use IDEA PasswordManager to remember passowrds
  • 0.10.2 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.10.2 for complete changes
    issue 96 : Report locally missing files in the changes view
  • 0.10.1 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.10.1 for complete changes
    Fixes an issue appearing with only some MKS versions, preventing acquisition of sandboxes
  • 0.10 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.10 for complete changes
    Main changes
    Windows 64 bits compatibility
    Bug fixes
  • 0.9 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.9 for complete changes
    Main changes
    IDEA 10.5.4 compatibility
    do not log mks password
    use a JPassword field when requesting password and bug corrections
  • 0.8.1 : IDEA 9.x compatibility
  • 0.8 : See googlecode issues resolved in 0.8
    Main changes
    Support for MKS 2007.
    Align on new IDEA 9 VCS OpenAPI
    Support for viewing the MKS change package associated to a IDEA changelist
  • 0.7.4 This a bugfix release. See googlecode issues resolved in 0.7.4
    Main changes
    Support for IDEA 8.1 EAP
    Performance Improvements
    Preferences action in popup menu opens the about box.
  • 0.7.3 This a bugfix release. See googlecode issues resolved in 0.7.3

    Main changes
    Support for IDEA 8.x EAP
    Auto detect MKS controlled directories
    Performance Improvements
    Exception when accessing some members' history .
  • 0.7.2 This a bugfix release. See googlecode issues resolved in 0.7.2

    Main changes
    Performance improvements related to non members and projects roots or registered sandboxes being updated.
    Date pattern is not persisted
  • 0.7.1 This a bugfix release. See googlecode issues resolved in 0.7.1

    Main changes
    Mks server deployed on windows support.
    Better support for non english locales : ability to customize mks date formats
  • 0.7 googlecode issues resolved in 0.7

    Vcs Directory Status support
    Vcs Member History support, together with Compare With ... actions.
    Change package renaming support
    Display members with deferred operations pending in the changes view
    Improve support for multiple pj files per folder
  • 0.6 googlecode issues resolved in 0.6
    View Changes ignores IDEA ignored files
    Most MKS actions now applicable on multiple targets (Actions will only be available if applicable on the current selection)
    MKS Packages viewed as IDEA ChangeLists in the changes view. Depending on the MKS server, this may be slow to refresh
    Suppressed GlobalChanges action as it is now handled by the IDEA Changes view
    MKS project files are properly ignored
    MKS Changes integration : encoding support per si CLI MKS commands (different commands seem to use different encodings) see the configuration. On windows (france) encoding seems to be IBM437
    Files locally modified (without checkout) are distinguished from properly checked out ones. Files need to be moddified (and not just locked)
    IDEA 7002+ compatible, tested with 7.0M2 (7123) bugfixes
  • 0.5.0 IDEA 7.x compatible
  • 0.4.0 IDEA 6.x compatible, and added a "MKS changes" tool window, displaying (recursively) all differences between a local sandbox and the MKS project
  • 0.3.4 Added logo for IDEA start screen