Plugins with tag "Build Runners"

Android Runner

builds an Android package (.apk) from your Android project (obsolete, use bundled IntelliJ IDEA Project Runner instead).

AWS CodeDeploy

uploads appllication to S3, registers it in an AWS CodeDeploy applciation and creates a deployment.

C# runner

write build task in C# right in web UI.


a Cabal build runner for Haskell projects ( announcement).


support for CMake and GNU Make builds.

Compress File

a build runner to pack a directory into a zip archive.


(bundled since TeamCity 10.0) upload build artifacts to FTP, SSH, Windows share (SMB), deploy to Tomcat, etc.

dotMemory Unit

Integration with JetBrains dotMemory Unit allowing you to run tests that check your code for all kinds of memory issues.