Plugins with tag "UI"

IdeaMouseGestures v9.0.1+

IdeaMouseGestures plugin provides easy way to assign Idea's menu items to mouse gestures. Mouse gestures are recognized when the right mouse button is pressed.

Describe Key

Allows to easily find out what a key or shortcut does.

Test GUI Framework

This plugin helps testing IDEA and other plugins via GUI.


compress images use TinyPng api.


Makes your editor caret 1 pixel thin (for retina users).

JavaDoc Clean Read

Making JavaDoc comments more readable by:.

Window Sizer

Center and resize the project window to predefined dimensions, or ask for a custom one if needed.

Simple Titles

Limit the file part of the window title only include the file name.

Event Sounds

Plays sounds during certain events in the IDE, like build success or error.


SkinLFPlugin loads and keeps list of available skinLF themespack (see and